P0102: Mass Air Flow MAF Circuit Low

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Trouble Code P0102 refers to a problem described as “Mass Air Flow MAF Circuit Low.” This basically means that your mass airflow sensor is not transmitting accurate information to the engine control unit because of a low voltage output in the circuitry.

In case you don’t know, the mass airflow sensor is responsible for measuring how much air is going into the internal combustion engine of a vehicle. It is very important for the engine to receive the proper ratio of air and fuel before they’re mixed and ignited in the cylinders. If the ratio of the two is not balanced, then it’ll cause an engine misfire or weak performance.

As the engine control unit learns how much air is entering the engine, it can adjust the air intake accordingly to accommodate the power needs of the engine. Not only that, but the fuel intake is also adjusted based on the information provided by the mass airflow sensor.

Again, there must be a balance of both the air and fuel in the cylinders. If the engine control unit detects that too much air is entering the cylinders, then it means you have a lean air-to-fuel ratio. Lean condition signifies that more air than fuel exists in the cylinders. But this information could be inaccurate if the mass airflow sensor circuit has a low amount of voltage going to the engine control unit.

You’ll know when it is the right time to run a diagnostic scan because you’ll experience a lot of unwanted symptoms in your vehicle. Some of the most common symptoms include weak engine performance, idle engine, Check Engine warning light and malfunctioning catalytic converter. Any of these symptoms should prompt you to visit an auto mechanic and have them run a diagnostic scan on your powertrain.

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If the scan reveals Trouble Code P0102, then you have confirmed the low voltage output problem from the mass airflow sensor to the engine control unit. The solution to fixing the problem could mean replacing your mass airflow sensor or air filter. You may also need to clean any corroded circuit terminals of the sensor too.

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