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Catalytic Converter: Function, Bad Symptoms, and Replacement Cost

The internal combustion engine produces a lot of toxic pollutants and emissions after the air and fuel mixture is ignited. Fortunately, these emissions are controlled by a special device in the exhaust system called a catalytic converter. This device is able to convert the hazardous emission gases from the engine into less-toxic gases. That way,

Idle Speed Control Valve: Function, Bad Symptoms and Replacement Cost

The internal combustion engine has several moving and rotating components inside of it. The crankshaft is the device which allows the piston heads and rods to be linked together. Whenever you look at the tachometer on the dashboard of your vehicle, it will tell you the number of revolutions per minute in which the crankshaft

Oil Control Valve: Basic Function, Bad Symptoms and Replacement Cost

The oil control valve basically does what the name suggests. Inside every internal combustion engine, there is an oil control valve which manages the flow of oil. It uses variable valve technology to redirect the oil flow so that it reaches the camshaft. In addition, the oil control valve allows the moving components of the

5 Symptoms of a Bad Water Pump in Your Car

The job of a car water pump is to keep coolant circulating between the radiator and engine block through the hoses that connect them together. An engine cannot function properly without coolant circulating through its components because they generate a lot of heat while in operation. If those heated components do not get cooled down,

The Causes of Your Car Engine Blowing White Smoke From Exhaust

It is normal for exhaust fumes to be released through your vehicle’s tailpipe. In most circumstances, these will be clear fumes that you cannot see with the naked eye. The only exception is when it is cold outside, and the fumes look white. This is merely a reaction that happens when the exhaust first encounters

5 Symptoms a Bad ECU / ECM in Your Car

Every modern car has a central computer which is called an engine control unit or engine control module. For the sake of this article, we will call it an engine control unit. This computer communicates with a series of electronic sensors and components that exist all throughout the vehicle. Based on the information that the

7 Symptoms of a Bad Engine Mount in Your Car

It is safe to say that the internal combustion engine is the most important component of any vehicle. It generates the power needed to move the wheels of your vehicle and get from one place to another. Have you ever wondered what keeps this engine positioned and stabilized? Well, it is a special part called

7 Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator in the Car

Any vehicle with an internal combustion engine is going to have a fuel system with a fuel pressure regulator and fuel injectors. This is basically like a network of components that pass fuel from one component to the next. First, the fuel in the gas tank gets supplied to the fuel injectors. After that, the

7 Symptoms of a Bad / Dirty Air Filter in Your Car

We all know that car engines need fuel to generate power. But what they also need is good clean air as well. Without a balanced mixture of gasoline and air, there would be no combustion power generated in the engine. A fuel filter is used to keep the fuel clean before it enters the engine.