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7 Symptoms of Low Power Steering Fluid in Your Car

Most cars today have a power steering system which helps the driver turn the steering wheel more easily and with minimal effort. This system involves a type of hydraulic fluid called power steering fluid that gives power to the steering wheel so that it can be turned smoothly. First, there is a reservoir that stores

Tie Rods and Tie Rod Ends Replacement Cost in Your Car

Every vehicle has inner tie rods, and outer tie rod ends. The inner tie rods enable the steering wheel to be turned. The outer tie rod ends are what connect the inner tie rods to the steering wheel. The outer tie rod ends suffer a lot more wear and tear than the inner tie rods

7 Causes of Steering Wheel Shakes at Low and High Speed

When you are not turning your steering wheel, it should remain completely still. It should not vibrate or turn on its own. A healthy steering wheel means the driver has complete control over it always. There should be no shakiness whatsoever. If there ever comes a point when you feel the steering wheel shaking, whether

7 Causes of Car Steering Wheel Hard to Turn

There is no worse feeling than not being able to turn your steering wheel quickly when it is needed. You depend on the power steering system of your vehicle to provide you with a smooth steering ability. If this ability is ever compromised, it could potentially lead to an accident. Whenever it feels hard to

7 Causes of Steering Wheel Makes Noise when Turning

Turning the steering wheel should be a smooth and noiseless action. If you ever start hearing noises coming from your steering wheel as you turn it, do not assume it is no big deal. There is definitely something wrong, even if the car appears to be working fine. These noises may be an indication that

Steering Angle Sensor Types, Calibration and Diagnostics

Newer vehicles have an electronic stability control system. This is a computerized system which is responsible for regulating the stability of the vehicle. It does this by communicating with various sensors throughout the vehicle which detect its traction and speed. If the tires were to skid or control of the vehicle were lost, the sensors

Speed Sensing Steering Function and Working Principle

Power steering systems are found in most modern vehicles. The benefit of a power steering system is that it lets you steer your vehicle with minimal effort or strength. Some drivers think that power steering systems provide too much steering support, especially when traveling at high speeds. Drivers don’t feel as if they have good

5 Symptoms of a Bad Tie Rod in Your Car

Every vehicle consists of a suspension system and steering system. The suspension system represents all the components which allow your vehicle to move smoothly on the road. These components include tires, springs, air, linkages, wheels, and shock absorbers. The steering system includes the components which enable your vehicle’s steering mechanism to function. The three main

Power Steering Rack Pinion Leak: Replace vs Repair Cost

We all take power steering systems for granted. These are the systems in modern vehicles which allow us to turn the steering wheel without using too much upper arm strength. If power steering did not exist, so many people would have trouble turning the steering wheel, especially those who are older and not as strong.