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Tips to Remove Swirl Marks from a Car by Hand

Swirl marks are small scratches which appear to have a twisting or spiraling pattern to them. They exist in a transparent layer on the paint of your trunk, hood, and doors. We don’t think much of swirl marks on our vehicles until we see them under bright lights. If you normally park your car in

Tips to Remove Tree Sap from Car

Do you often park your car in areas where there are a lot of trees around? If so, then don’t be surprised if you find a bunch of sticky substances on your vehicle. You’ll know it is not bird feces because these substances will be a yellowish or brownish color instead of a white color.

How Much to Tip a Car Wash or Car Service

We don’t often think about car washes as being very important to our vehicles. However, it is important to keep the exterior of your vehicle looking clean because it helps preserve its resale value. Think about how much dirt and airborne pollutants actually get onto the exterior of your vehicle each day. If you don’t

5 Tips to Improve Gas Mileage for Your Car

Consumers are always looking for ways to improve the gas mileage of their vehicles. Not only is the price of gas increasing every year, but the environmental impact of carbon emissions is finally starting to take shape. We’re seeing the devastating results of global warming and how it is causing problems with the weather, sea

5 Steps to Jump a Car Battery that is Completely Dead

Car batteries can completely die for several reasons. Perhaps your vehicle sat parked for a long time in colder environments. Maybe you left some of your electronic accessories on in your vehicle after you turned off the engine. It is common for people to leave their headlights and radio on too. These things can easily

How to Drive a Car with a Stick Shift

A stick shift is what you will find in a manual vehicle. It means that your vehicle has a manual transmission which requires you to shift gears as you’re driving. Vehicles with an automatic transmission have stick shifts too, but they are used a bit differently. Automatics don’t require you to change gears with the

5 Tips for Easy Starting Your Car in Cold Weather

We don’t often think about how the temperature outside can affect our ability to start a car. But if the temperature is cold outside, then it may cause problems when you attempt to start up a vehicle. People who drive in northern environments usually experience cold, snow, and icy weather conditions during the winter and

6 Tips to Shift Gears in Manual Car Smoothly

There are still people in this world who prefer to drive a manual transmission vehicle. These are vehicles which require the driver to shift gears manually as they’re driving and changing speeds. Most new drivers like to drive automatic transmission vehicles because the gear shifting is automatically done for them. However, automatic cars are not

5 Tips for Painting Your Car for Under $300

There are lots of reasons why you might want to paint your car. Maybe you don’t like the original color of your vehicle, and you want to try a new color. If you have an older car, then it has probably accumulated a lot of dirt over the years. A paint job is a perfect

5 Simple Tips for Learning to Drive a Car Step by Step

New drivers often get scared when they learn how to drive a car. It is certainly a unique experience which has a lot of risks and dangers. However, millions of people throughout the world go through this same learning process, and it turns out just fine for most of them. The chances are that it’ll