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Car Power Window Regulator Repair Tips (5 Easy Steps)

It is easy to take power windows for granted in a vehicle. When you press the button to lower or raise a door window, it conveniently slides up or down on its own. The days of cranking the window open or shut with manual force are over. But do you ever wonder which mechanisms inside

5 Steps for Jumpstarting a Car with a Bad Alternator

When your car experiences a bad alternator, then your car battery does not get recharged properly or at all. The alternator needs to be functional in order to successfully recharge the car battery and keep it charged. There are so many electrical components in vehicles now and they all demand power from the alternator. As

How to Hotwire a Car

We’ve all seen movies where thieves break into someone’s car and attempt to hotwire it. In case you aren’t familiar with the term “hotwire,” it refers to a technique where you bypass the ignition system to start a vehicle without its key. This is done when you want to steal a vehicle that doesn’t belong