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9 Causes Airbag Light On in Your Car

Airbags can save your life if you’re ever in an accident. It is important that you have functional airbags for this reason. You don’t want to find out the hard way that your airbags are not working because it could result in serious injury or death if an accident occurs. Fortunately, modern cars have an

Pros and Cons of Using Xenon Lighting in Your Vehicle

The standard halogen headlights of a vehicle are not satisfactory enough for most car owners these days. They prefer to upgrade their existing headlights to the innovative xenon headlight technology because it gives them more clarity while driving at night. In case you’re not familiar with xenon, it is a type of gas which has

Car AC Expansion Valve Function, Symptoms, and Replacement Cost

The air conditioning expansion valve, which is better known as the Car AC expansion valve, is a component of the car air conditioning system that is found inside virtually every automobile. As you may know, refrigerant liquid circulates within the system and flows to the evaporator where it transforms into cool vapor. This is how

4 Symptoms of a Bad Car AC Compressor and Replacement Cost

Every modern vehicle has an air conditioning system in it. When you switch the air control to “cool” on the dashboard, there is refrigerant fluid within the system which flows and circulates. This is how the air turns cool before it blows out of the air vents. The refrigerant requires a certain amount of pressure

5 Symptoms of a Bad Car Condenser and Replacement Cost

The car condenser is the air conditioning condenser of your vehicle. This is just one of many components which make up the air conditioning system. Some of the other components include the compressor, receiver dryer, hoses, and evaporator. But what makes the car condenser so special is that it transforms refrigerant from a gas into

Symptoms of a Faulty Speed Sensor in Your Vehicle

The speed sensor in your car performs a variety of tasks, from telling you how fast you are going, to directing a vehicle with automatic transmission when to change gears. When this sensor malfunctions, the result can be a vehicle that is acting strangely. Faulty Speed Sensor Symptoms If you are trying to figure out