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Diesel Glow Plug Function, Failure Symptoms and Replacement Cost

Diesel engine systems have a particular component called a glow plug. The main function of the glow plug is to help start the diesel engine. Basically, a diesel engine requires a certain amount of heat to start running properly. The glow plug provides this heat so that a successful ignition can take place. There are

What Does Check Engine Light Mean and How to Reset (3 Easy Steps)

The internal combustion engine is like the heart of any vehicle. It creates the power and force needed to rotate the wheels and move the vehicle around. The engine is comprised of several moving components as well as an engine control unit which monitors the performance of the engine and its corresponding parts. This unit

The Difference Between a Dead Battery and Bad Alternator

When you start having electrical problems with your vehicle, you will notice them rather quickly. You could be driving along on the road and then suddenly see the lights on your dashboard flicker or shut off completely. Soon after, your entire vehicle may stall which forces you to pull over to the side of the

5 Common Symptoms of Faulty Starter Motor in Your Car

The internal combustion engine would never be able to start without the help of the starter motor. As soon as you turn your key in the ignition, the starter relay activates the starter motor. Various electromagnets in the starter motor interact with each other and keep the components rotating and running properly. Energy from the

5 Common Causes of Car Hard to Start When Cold

There are lots of possible reasons why your car is hard to start. Your first instinct might be to assume the worst by thinking something is wrong with your engine. But you shouldn’t panic like this because the cause of the problem is probably something much less severe. This is especially true if you only

Car Immobilizer System Function and Bad Symptoms

In this article I will explain about part of theft deterrent system in your car, called immobilizer. After read full article, you will know the basic function and failure symptoms of a car immobilizer system. Basic Function of Car immobilizer A car immobilizer system is an anti-theft device which gives vehicles more security. You’ll find them used

5 Symptoms of a Bad Ground Strap and Tips to Replace

Do you ever wonder how the energy from your car battery is transferred to other components of your vehicle? Well, it is all thanks to the ground strap (also known as the ground cable, negative battery cable, or ground wire). If you open the hood of your vehicle and check out the negative terminal of

5 Common Causes of Car Battery Light on While Driving

No matter which model car you own, it is guaranteed to have a 12-volt car battery inside of it. This car battery is recharged by the alternator each time you start your vehicle. The purpose of the car battery is to supply power to the starter motor, which then causes the engine to start. Once

5 Symptoms of a Bad Car Alternator 

If you don’t know anything about cars, then you might assume the car battery supplies all the electricity to the vehicle. The truth is the battery only assists in creating the electrical spark needed to help start the vehicle. Once the engine is running, the alternator supplies electricity to all the electrical components of the

5 Symptoms of Bad Battery in Your Car

Each time you insert your key into the ignition and turn it to start your vehicle, there are various processes taking place to activate your engine and keep it running. All these processes start with the electrical current that is generated by the car battery. This is the electrical current needed by the ignition system