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How do Self-Driving Cars Work in the Snow?

You’ve probably heard a lot about self-driving cars in the news lately. Big tech companies like Uber and Google are currently experimenting with self-driving cars and prototypes. Their vision is to have a world where cars can drive people around without the people having to steer or control anything. The GPS will basically guide the

The Advantages of Variable Valve Timing Engine in the Car

Car manufacturers are determined to make their engines perform better and become more fuel efficient. The secret to making this happen revolves around the exhaust valve and air intake valve of a vehicle. When the air and fuel mixture is ignited in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, there are exhaust gases which

How Does VTEC Work?

VTEC, which is an acronym for “Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control,” is an innovative engine technology that was developed by the Japanese car manufacturer “Honda.” This technology was designed for the purpose of enhancing the efficiency and performance of the internal combustion engine. The idea is that if the engine performs better, then

5 Causes of a Bluetooth Not Connecting to a Car Stereo

You’ve probably heard about Bluetooth technology by now if you haven’t already used it. Bluetooth is an innovative piece of wireless technology that gives people the ability to send data and media content between electronic devices that are a short distance apart. These devices must have Bluetooth technology installed in them for this to work.

5 Advantages of Drive by Wire Technology in a Vehicle

The throttle and gas pedal are electronically linked through drive by wire technology. As gasoline enters the internal combustion engine, it is the throttle which regulates how much gasoline actually goes into the engine. When you apply pressure to the gas pedal with your foot, it causes the throttle to enable more gasoline to enter

Rain Sensors and Automatic Wipers Function and Working Principle

Rain sensors and automatic wipers may not be necessities, but they are certainly another form of convenient auto technology. Whenever rain falls on your windshield, the normal reaction is to activate the windshield wipers. Depending on the model vehicle you’re driving, you may need to push a button or lift a handle to turn on

The Functions of Electronic Stability Control in a Car

When your vehicle is moving on the road, you’ll want to have as much traction and stability as possible. This not only promotes a more comfortable driving experience, but it also ensures that you have a safe driving experience. Electronic stability control technology is used to give vehicles better stability, which then gives it better