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5 Best Windshield Wipers for Winter and Snow for Your Car

The only difference between a winter windshield wiper blade and one intended for summer use is a protective coating on the product. This addition prevents snow or outdoor debris from building up between the moving parts of the product. A new technology in this area called a “beam blade” eliminates the working components of the

5 Best Oil Additives to Stop Car Engine Knocking

When your car engine begins to knock a little bit, then the air-fuel mixture is probably off a little bit. The issue could be carbon build-up, bad spark plugs, or an incorrect fuel octane. If you leave this issue untreated, then severe damage can occur to the engine. Another issue that can cause the knocking

5 Best Octane Booster Products with Useful Tips

It always feels good to sit behind the wheel of a vehicle with a humming engine. The roar that you get when punching the accelerator is one of the best aspects of driving. A healthy engine does more than get you to your intended destination. When it performs correctly, you receive better gas mileage and

5 Best Dual-Screen Portable DVD Players for Your Car

Entertainment options make a long drive more bearable for kids of any age. When you have a dual-screen DVD player in your vehicle, then passengers on both sides of the car can watch the same show comfortably. You can also use a portable DVD player with dual-screen capabilities to entertain kids and passengers when there

5 Best Double DIN Car Stereos with Navigation and Bluetooth

DIN stands for “Deutsche Industrie Normen,” which is the description in Germany for standardized radios in their auto industry from the 1980s. Their efforts made sense for BMWs, Audis, and Volkswagens, so it eventually became the industry standard. It is a 2-inch by 8-inch opening for the product. If you have a double DIN car

Top 5 Best Car Batteries for Cold or Hot Weather (All Climates)

Car batteries are an essential component of your vehicle’s operation. If there isn’t enough juice left in the product, then your car is not going to start. Although your vehicle’s charging mechanism is responsible for maintaining the battery, the weather conditions can adversely impact how it functions. When the weather becomes extremely cold or scorching

5 Best Brake Calipers for Your Car

Brake calipers are essential for your vehicle’s stopping ability. Most cars today have disc brakes that use this part to create friction on the tire’s rotor. The caliper fits over the rotor like a clamp. Then you would install brake pads that safely compress against it using pressure from the caliper to stop the momentum

5 Best 12v Portable Air Compressors for Your Car

What would happen if your tire went flat right now? Would you need to put on a spare, or could you repair the issue with an approved plug and a 12v portable air compressor? Driving at altitude can put a lot of pressure on your tires. Changing weather conditions can lower the internal PSI to

Top 5 Best Aftermarket Car Alarm Systems

There are several benefits to owning a car alarm system. If someone is trying to break into your vehicle, then a car alarm system will easily scare them away. Some car alarm systems will activate if someone merely steps close to the vehicle. There are so many sophisticated car alarm systems available on the market