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5 Symptoms of a Bad Serpentine Belt in Your Car

The serpentine belt may seem like a simple component, but it is actually a very important component which helps operate many other vital components in your vehicle. It is basically one long continuous belt which drives several peripheral devices associated with the internal combustion engine, including the water pump, alternator, air pump, air conditioning compressor,

Limp Mode Explained: The Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis

Most modern vehicles have a feature called limp mode. This is basically a safety feature for your transmission and engine. As you may know, newer vehicles have engine control units in them. An engine control unit serves as the central computer system which receives information from various other systems and sensory components of a vehicle.

5 Steps to Clean Your Car AC Filter Properly

It is easy to take the air conditioner in your car for granted. On a hot day, all you need to do is turn the AC knob and enjoy the cool air that emits from the air vents of your dashboard. But how often do you think about the quality of the air that comes

5 Causes of Drive Shaft Noise in Your Car

There are components called differentials in every car. These differentials are connected to your wheels and drive shaft. Front-wheel drive cars have front differentials which rotate the two front wheels. Four-wheel drive cars have front differentials to move the two front wheels and rear differentials to move the two back wheels. When engine power is

10 Signs Your Car Needs Tune-up and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is always recommended for a vehicle. It can help a car owner avoid being surprised by mechanical problems which cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars to repair. It will also prevent you from breaking down on the road and having to wait for a tow truck to come to rescue

7 Causes of Car Body Vibration: at Idling, Accelerating and Run

Have you ever been driving along in your vehicle and noticed your car vibrating profusely? Sometimes the vibrations can come from your engine but other times, the vibrations will feel like they’re coming from the entire body of the vehicle. You may notice the vibrations more when idling, accelerating, and/or while the vehicle is merely