Top 5 Best Car Rust Prevention Products

Does your outdoor environment contain a lot of snow and ice during the wintertime? It is common for public officials to cover icy roads with salt in order to make it easier for tires to move on them. This might make your driving ability easier, but it’ll cause rust to form on the metal of

Top 5 Best 2 Post Lift for Home Garage

Are you tired of paying a lot of money for a mechanic to work on your vehicle? Do you have the knowledge and skill to work on your own vehicle? If so, then you need a way to access the bottom of your vehicle comfortably. Since most modern cars are too low to the ground,

Top 5 Best Wheel Lock for Your Car

Do you have a problem with people stealing the wheels and tires of your car? If not, are you at least worried about the possibility of that happening? All someone needs to do is use a lug wrench to remove the lug nuts from your wheels. Then if they have a car jack, they can

Top 5 Best Off-Road Roof Lights for Your Car

Do you drive off-road a lot at nighttime? People who live in rural areas often need bigger cars with four-wheel drive to navigate over rough terrain. But that still won’t help them see better at nighttime. What if there is an animal or some other unforeseen object blocking their driving path? If they do not

Top 5 Best Glue for Sticking Car Trim

Most people take the interior and exterior decoration of their cars for granted. The colors and textures that you see on the doors, dashboard, and steering wheel are not all paint. If you see any colors which look timber, aluminum, or chrome, then they’re most likely trim pieces. Vinyl roof covers and pumpers are also

Top 5 Best Sunglasses for Driving in the Sun

When we think about the sun shining down from the sky, we often think of a beautiful day with bright blue skies and white fluffy clouds. More importantly, sunlight illuminates your environment so that you can see your surroundings more clearly while you’re driving. However, if the sunlight shines straight through your windshield from an

Top 5 Best Bike Racks for Your Car with Spoilers

Do you like to go on adventurous trips which involve a lot of bicycling? These destinations are probably far away from your home, so you need to drive in a car to get there first. To transport your bike safely to your destination, you need to install a bike rack on your car. A bike

Top 5 Best Car Air Purifiers for Smokers and Allergies

Every vehicle has two types of air filters. There is the air filter for the engine and the air filter for the cabin. Whenever you turn on the air conditioner or heater in your vehicle, air passes through the cabin air filter first before it is released through the vents into your cabin area. This

Top 5 Best Car Covers for Hail Protection

Hail is a word which refers to frozen rain. If the outdoor temperatures are cold enough, the rain droplets which fall from the clouds will turn into ice pellets on their way down. Hail is obviously more durable than rain, which means your vehicle could possibly suffer some damage from it. A lot of car

Top 5 Best Car Windshield Wiper Fluids for Bugs

Small debris particles and other airborne elements hit your windshield each time you drive your car. You probably don’t notice as pollen and dirt particles hit your windshield because they’re so small. But eventually, these elements build up on your windshield and make it more difficult to see through it. However, the one airborne element