Lower Arms and Upper arms Replacement Cost in Your Car

Every vehicle contains a suspension system which is comprised of tires, shock absorbers, springs, linkages, and more. It is a system that keeps the vehicle stable on the road and absorbs impact when you drive over objects, potholes, and rough terrain. If you didn’t have a suspension system in your vehicle, then you would feel

The Difference between 5w20 and 5w30 Engine Oils

Every vehicle with an internal combustion engine requires oil for lubrication and cooling purposes. All those metal components within the car engine move very quickly, and many of them rub against each other and create friction. The more friction created, the more heat that is generated. Engine oil keeps these components moving smoothly while reducing

What does TPMS Mean on a Car and How it Works

The acronym “TPMS” stands for “Tire Pressure Management System” in a car. It is one of the newer pieces of technology in modern vehicles. The purpose of the TPMS is to let you know if one of your tires is underinflated, overinflated or losing air. It is important that you keep the air pressure in

How to Remove and Install Crankshaft Pulley in Your Car

The crankshaft pulley serves as a mechanical system for distributing power throughout your vehicle. It is mounted onto the crankshaft of your engine, and it is responsible for moving the drive belts which allow the engine accessories to function. Components like the air conditioner compressor, steering pump, and alternator depend on the crankshaft pulley in

5 Symptoms of a Bad Serpentine Belt in Your Car

The serpentine belt may seem like a simple component, but it is actually a very important component which helps operate many other vital components in your vehicle. It is basically one long continuous belt which drives several peripheral devices associated with the internal combustion engine, including the water pump, alternator, air pump, air conditioning compressor,

Top 7 Best Car Seat Travel Bags

If you’ve ever had to travel in an airplane with your baby or toddler, you know just how difficult it can be to bring along their car seat. Without a car seat ready and available when you get to your destination, you will have no way of driving your baby or toddler around and you

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakerphones for Your Car

If you’ve ever been driving down the road in your car and had to take a call on your cellphone, you know how difficult it can be to focus on the road and hold your phone up to your ear at the same time. Many accidents are caused by in-vehicle cellphone use while driving and

Top 7 Best Windshield Sun Shades for Your Car

Cars are one of our most valued possessions, and for them, you really need superior protection systems. Our car windows and windshield provide a great view but also allow a lot of sunlight to come in that causes it to heat up. It can damage your car interior. Therefore, it is important to get some

Top 7 Best Rear Facing Convertible Car Seats

When it comes to car seats, many parents question whether they should be using a convertible or an infant car seat and when can the seat move from being rear-facing to forward-facing. The APA (American Pediatrics Association) recommends that your child remain rear-facing as long as possible to avoid spinal injuries. However, you can begin

5 Symptoms of a Bad Water Pump in Your Car

The job of a car water pump is to keep coolant circulating between the radiator and engine block through the hoses that connect them together. An engine cannot function properly without coolant circulating through its components because they generate a lot of heat while in operation. If those heated components do not get cooled down,