How do Hybrid Cars Work?

Hybrid cars have been quite popular for the last 20 years or so. They were the first big leap in automotive innovation to promote a cleaner and healthier environment. A hybrid car is basically a combination of a gasoline car and electric car. In other words, there is an internal combustion engine and electric motor

Hydrogen Fuel Cars vs Hybrid Cars vs Gasoline Cars Efficiency

Drivers are always looking for the most fuel-efficient car possible to purchase. The rising costs of gasoline are starting to make people look at other types of cars. Since there are a growing number of alternatives to gasoline cars, people are looking to hybrid cars and hydrogen fuel cars as suitable alternatives. But are these

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Pros and Cons

Hydrogen fuel cells seem to be the latest trend in alternative fuel sources for vehicles. Basically, these cells contain hydrogen gases which provide energy to the electric motor. In other words, the hydrogen gas is converted into electrical energy for the vehicle. This is clean energy because there is no combustion process taking place that

Synthetic Oil Interval between Changes

Synthetic oil is the best type of oil that you can put in your car engine. It is formulated specifically for the purpose of lasting longer and doing a better lubrication job than traditional crude oil. It is a little more expensive to purchase synthetic oil, but it is a small investment to make when

5 Symptoms of Oil Level is Too High in Your Car

Oil is always a good thing for an internal combustion engine to have flowing inside of it. The size of a car engine determines how much oil it always needs. The average car engine needs anywhere from 5 quarts to 8 quarts of oil. Smaller engines in smaller cars need less than 5 quarts of

What Do the Numbers on Motor Oil Mean?

The average layperson might think that all motor oil is the same. No one really thinks about the different levels of oil thickness or how much of an influence hot and cold temperatures have on the oil. If you regularly take your vehicle to an auto servicing shop for its oil changes, then you’ll never

The Difference between 10w30 and 10w40 in Car Engine Oil

When your engine is running, it has oil circulating through its components. The purpose of oil is to lubricate and cool off these components. That way, they don’t overheat and suffer wear and tear damage. But you must put the right kind of oil in your engine if you want it to have the longest

Hybrid Car Info: (Oil Change, Maintenance, Tips and Cost)

Hybrid cars are basically a combination of regular gasoline-powered cars and electric-powered cars. Since they are not totally run on electrical battery power, hybrid cars have gasoline engines in them just like gasoline cars. However, hybrid cars do not use as much gasoline because they use electrical power when the driving conditions do not require

5 Best Synthetic Oils for a Car Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are known for their ability to generate massive amounts of energy to move bigger vehicles, such as trucks and buses. Like gasoline engines, diesel engines have components in them which need to be lubricated regularly with oil. But the oil used in diesel engines is formulated differently than gasoline engine oil. Diesel oil