5 Symptoms of a Bad Lower Control Arm in Your Car

The wheels and tires of your vehicle are connected to an overall suspension system. This is a system comprised of many other components too. All these components share the same purpose, which is to help the vehicle move on the ground. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle, then you’ll have a lower control

5 Symptoms of a Bad Tie Rod in Your Car

Every vehicle consists of a suspension system and steering system. The suspension system represents all the components which allow your vehicle to move smoothly on the road. These components include tires, springs, air, linkages, wheels, and shock absorbers. The steering system includes the components which enable your vehicle’s steering mechanism to function. The three main

The Purpose of Radiator Overflow Tank in Your Car

The internal combustion engine gets hot very easily. When it is running, there are several moving components in the engine which cause friction and generate heat. To keep the engine working normally, coolant must run through its components to absorb the heat they generate. Basic Function and Working Principle The coolant carries this heat into

Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Transmission and Pros Cons

Every automobile contains a transmission system. The purpose of the transmission is basically to give you control over the engine’s power. As the engine generates its power through the internal combustion process, the transmission converts it into a rotational power called torque. The torque is transmitted to the front or rear axles, which causes the

Overdrive Transmission: Function, Working Principle, and Bad Symptoms

Hello autocartimes friends, in this post i will explain about basic function, working principle and bad symptoms of automatic transmission overdrive. Basic Function and Working Principles The highest gear in an automatic transmission is the overdrive gear. The purpose of the overdrive gear is to reduce the engine’s RPM. This represents the revolutions-per-minute of the engine

How to Hotwire a Car

We’ve all seen movies where thieves break into someone’s car and attempt to hotwire it. In case you aren’t familiar with the term “hotwire,” it refers to a technique where you bypass the ignition system to start a vehicle without its key. This is done when you want to steal a vehicle that doesn’t belong

5 Symptoms of a Bad Knock Sensor in Your Car

Air and fuel are supposed to be ignited by the spark plug after they’re mixed in the internal combustion chamber. However, there are some occasions when fuel explodes inside the cylinder during the combustion process. This alters the timing of the ignition, resulting in something called engine knocking. The knocking creates vibrations which are detected

5 Symptoms of a Bad EGR Valve in your Car

The exhaust gas recirculation valve, also known as the EGR valve, is responsible for recirculating emissions from the engine back into the internal combustion chamber. This keeps the emissions out of the exhaust emission system. This is the system that ends up releasing exhaust fumes into the atmosphere and damaging the environment. With a functional

5 Symptoms of a Bad Car Oil Pump in your Car

The car oil pump is responsible for pumping and circulating oil inside the internal combustion engine. All the moving components and parts of the engine generate heat very quickly. If they are not cooled down and lubricated, the heat will cause these parts to get damaged and malfunction. The only way to stop this from

5 Symptoms of a Clogged Radiator in Your Car

The radiator of a car has an important job to do for the engine. As you probably know, the engine can be a very hot place because of all the fast-moving components which cause friction. This generates a lot of heat, so the vehicle needs a way to stop this heat from getting worse. That