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5 Causes of “ABS Light Comes On” in Your Car

The anti-lock braking system has been installed in virtually every new car for decades now. The main function of the anti-lock braking system is to stop the wheels of a vehicle from locking after you step on the brake pedal. For instance, let’s say you’re driving on the road and another vehicle suddenly pulls out

The Difference between Ceramic vs Organic Brake Pads

If your vehicle has a disc braking system, then it has a brake pad and brake rotor attached to every wheel. When you drive your vehicle and the wheels are spinning, your brake rotors are spinning too. To slow down the vehicle, you step on the brake pedal which causes the brake pads to squeeze

7 Causes of Grinding Noise & Vibration When Braking

Every motor vehicle has a braking system, whether it’s a disc braking system or drum braking system. It is impossible to safely drive your vehicle without a braking system because you need brakes to slow down or stop your vehicle. There is hydraulics used in the braking system to manage your braking very carefully. Each

5 Causes of a Brake Pads Wear Unevenly

When you step on the brake pedal of a vehicle with a disc braking system, all the brake pads are supposed to rub against their corresponding brake disc rotors at the same time. The brake pads have friction material which slowly gets worn down as the friction occurs. In a normal situation, the friction will

Brake Fluid Leak Symptoms and Repair Cost

The braking system of a vehicle must always function properly if you want to remain safe behind the wheel. Anytime you have a problem with your braking system, it puts people’s lives at risk. The most common brake system problem is a brake fluid leak. As you know, braking fluid is the hydraulic fluid of

Recommended and Minimum Brake Pad Thickness in Your Car

There are two types of braking systems. The older braking systems used brake shoes with brake drums. Now you have disc braking systems with brake rotors and brake pads. Both types of systems serve the same purpose in slowing down the vehicle when the driver steps on the brake pedal. When you have a spinning

Brake Caliper Sticking: Symptoms and Causes

A disc braking system contains brake pads, brake calipers, and brake discs. When you step on the brake pedal, the friction materials of the brake pads are squeezed against the spinning brake discs that are attached to the wheels. The components that allow this squeezing effect to occur are the brake calipers. After stepping on

5 Causes of Brake Fluid Leak and Repair Cost

The braking system is comprised of several components and processes which work to slow down the vehicle when you step on the brake pedal. You may wonder how the pressure you put on the brake pedal ends up creating the kind of pressure that slows the vehicle down. Well, the brake fluid is how it’s

5 Common Car Brake Problems in Cold Weather

Cold weather can take its toll on your vehicle, especially its brakes. Not only is it hard to brake on a surface that is covered with ice and snow, but just exposing your brakes to cold temperatures is enough to cause problems for them. Now, don’t get confused here because cold temperatures won’t destroy your