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10 Easy Steps to Replace Car Brake Pads at Home: DIY

If your vehicle has a disk braking system, then it contains brake rotors and brake pads. The pads push against the spinning rotors to create the friction needed to slow down and stop the vehicle. As you can imagine, brake pads wear out very quickly from all the braking that you do each day. If

Brake Master Cylinder Function, Bad Symptoms and Replacement Cost

There are several vital components in the braking system of a vehicle. One particular component that is crucial is the brake master cylinder. You will find a brake master cylinder in both types of braking systems, which are the disc braking system and the drum braking system. A vehicle will have one or the other,

Brake Pads vs Brake Shoes: Working Principle and Pros Cons

There are two types of braking systems available for automobiles. One system uses brake pads and brake discs while the other system uses brake shoes and brake drums. The components of each system are really the equivalent of each other. Brake pads create friction against the brake discs and brake shoes create friction against the

5 Symptoms of Bad Brake Pads and Discs and Replacement Cost

We all tend to take the brakes of our vehicles for granted, but they are the reason why we can slow down whenever we step on the brake pedal. If we didn’t have functional brakes, then we would end up crashing into everything on the road. Modern braking systems depend on brake pads and brake

7 Symptoms of a Bad Brake Caliper in Your Car

Vehicles with disc braking systems will have brake calipers in them. A brake caliper plays a vital role in slowing down your vehicle because it contains both the brake pistons and brake pads. Each time you step on the brake pedal, the brake master cylinder produces hydraulic pressure which causes the pistons to extend. This,

5 Symptoms of a Bad Brake Booster in Your Car

The brake booster is responsible for making it easier to apply the brakes as you step on the brake pedal with your foot. If it weren’t for the brake booster, you’d be required to put a lot more pressure on the brake pedal just to slow down the vehicle. The brake booster makes braking a

5 Causes of “ABS Light Comes On” in Your Car

The anti-lock braking system has been installed in virtually every new car for decades now. The main function of the anti-lock braking system is to stop the wheels of a vehicle from locking after you step on the brake pedal. For instance, let’s say you’re driving on the road and another vehicle suddenly pulls out