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5 Symptoms of a Bad Water Pump in Your Car

The job of a car water pump is to keep coolant circulating between the radiator and engine block through the hoses that connect them together. An engine cannot function properly without coolant circulating through its components because they generate a lot of heat while in operation. If those heated components do not get cooled down,

Clogged/Leak Car Radiator: Repair vs Replacement Cost Comparison

It is important for an internal combustion engine to be cooled down because the friction caused by its moving components end up generating a lot of heat. If the engine is not properly cooled while it is running, then it could overheat and cause damage to its own internal components. Coolant fluid passes through the

5 Symptoms of a Bad Car Thermostat Valve and Replacement Cost

The internal combustion engine requires coolant to absorb its heat and keep its components cooled down. The proper amount of coolant must flow through the engine whenever it’s running in order to make this happen. A car thermostat is what manages the flow of coolant that goes into the engine. As soon as the engine

The Purpose of Radiator Overflow Tank in Your Car

The internal combustion engine gets hot very easily. When it is running, there are several moving components in the engine which cause friction and generate heat. To keep the engine working normally, coolant must run through its components to absorb the heat they generate. Basic Function and Working Principle The coolant carries this heat into

5 Symptoms of a Clogged Radiator in Your Car

The radiator of a car has an important job to do for the engine. As you probably know, the engine can be a very hot place because of all the fast-moving components which cause friction. This generates a lot of heat, so the vehicle needs a way to stop this heat from getting worse. That

The Purpose of the Radiator Cap and Bad Symptoms

In this post, I will share information according to the important part in the cooling systems, the part is Radiator Cap. So, I will explain basic purpose of radiator cap and 5 common failure symptoms. Basic Purpose The radiator cap of a vehicle is commonly referred to as a radiator pressure cap. The reason is