Tie Rods and Tie Rod Ends Replacement Cost in Your Car

Every vehicle has inner tie rods, and outer tie rod ends. The inner tie rods enable the steering wheel to be turned. The outer tie rod ends are what connect the inner tie rods to the steering wheel. The outer tie rod ends suffer a lot more wear and tear than the inner tie rods because they absorb most of the stress when you pull or push the steering wheel.

For this reason, it is more likely that you’ll need to replace your tie rod ends rather than your tie rods. Although, the tie rods could end up failing eventually too. You’ll notice if the tie rods have gone bad when you turn the steering wheel and feel a minor shifting sensation as you turn. The vibrations from it will pass through the steering wheel into your hands as you hold it. You may also hear a popping or clicking sound too.

Tie Rods (Inner) Replacement Cost

It is very dangerous to drive your vehicle when you have a tie rod problem. It is recommended that you get your tie rods components replaced immediately. The cost of replacing one tie rod is anywhere from $250 to $360. The parts cost alone will be anywhere from $125 to $200, while the labor costs are anywhere from $125 to $160. There will likely be fees and taxes added onto this as well.

Tie Rod Ends (Outer) Replacement Cost

As for a tie rod end replacement, you can expect the cost of the parts to be between $40 and $100, and the labor costs to be between $80 and $100. It does not take long for a mechanic to replacement a tie rod end, so you shouldn’t rack up too much expense there. In total, the tie end replacement will cost between $120 and $200. Additional taxes and fees will be applied as well.

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Overall, tie rods and tie rod end replacements are not too costly. Most people only need to have them replaced just once throughout the time they own their vehicles. If you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle, then you should get several years out of your tie rods and possibly your tie rod ends too.

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