Bad Car Flywheel: Skimming VS Replace Cost Comparison

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Engine torque is not always consistent in a vehicle. That is why a certain round mechanical device called a “flywheel” is used. The flywheel is attached to the crankshaft, and its rotations produce energy. Once the energy is produced, the flywheel stores the energy in case the engine torque is not adequate for some reason. The stored energy of the flywheel is used as supplementary energy whenever the torque is in trouble.

Manual transmission vehicles use flywheels. If you have an automatic transmission vehicle, then it uses a flexplate to connect the engine to the transmission. In a manual transmission vehicle, the flywheel keeps the gears in operation while the clutch is in use. It also prevents vibrations from forming in the vehicle as well. So, as you can see, the flywheel has an important job to do in a manual vehicle.

Skimming VS Replace Cost

Unfortunately, a flywheel will get worn down after a certain point. You have the choice between maintaining your existing flywheel through a skimming process or simply replacing the flywheel all together with a new one. Skimming is a process where you remove a thin facial layer from the flywheel in order to help it connect with the clutch better.


Since flywheel skimming does not involve replacement parts, you only need to pay for a mechanic to do the service for you. However, this is where the majority of your expense will take place because it takes about 5 hours for a mechanic to remove the flywheel. Then it’ll take another hour for them to skim the flywheel. So, you have 6 hours of labor multiplied by about $100 per hour for their labor rate. That is $600 just for them to skim your flywheel.

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On the other hand, if you choose to have them replace the flywheel, the parts will cost you between $35 and $400. When you add on the $500 labor fee for removing the existing flywheel and replacing it with a new one, the total cost should be between $535 and $900 for a flywheel replacement. Of course, other added taxes and fees may be added onto that too.

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