4 Causes of a Piston Rings Failure in Your Car

The internal combustion engine consumes oil whenever it runs. It depends on oil for lubrication and cooling purposes in order to keep the engine components running smoothly and prevent overheating. However, the amount of oil pressure in the engine needs to be just right or else the oil’s lubricating and cooling effects won’t be effective.  That is why engines use piston rings to manage their oil pressure and oil consumption.

Piston rings make sure the oil pressure is in balance with the demands of the engine. When you step on the gas pedal to accelerate the vehicle and the engine has to generate more power, it requires more oil pressure to lubricate and cool the components faster. But if the piston rings are damaged or worn out, then a whole series of problems will arise.

Piston Rings Failure Causes

Below are the 4 main causes of a failure piston rings.

1) Snapped Timing Belt

The pistons move because of the timing belt. Unfortunately, wear and tear will eventually cause the timing belt to snap and collide with the pistons, which will damage the pistons and the rings. You must replace your timing belt after you first notice it having problems.

2) Worn Out Piston Rings

Piston rings create a seal between the cylinders and pistons. After a while, that seal will deteriorate and cause the oil to leak into the internal combustion chamber. This will cause a burning odor, excessive smoke from the tailpipe, low level of engine oil, and engine overheating.

3) Piston Burnt

If you install the wrong type of spark plug or fail to clean your dirty fuel injectors, then your piston could heat up to the point where a hole forms on the top of it. This is obviously not good for your piston rings. You always need to buy the right spark plug that your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. And, of course, clean your fuel injectors periodically.

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4) Cracked Piston

Cracks might form in your piston and piston rings if the exhaust gas recirculation system fails or you put bad quality gasoline in your engine. You must make sure to use unleaded gasoline with high octane if possible.

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