P0340: Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

Every internal combustion engine contains a camshaft. It is a device used to manage fuel input and exhaust fume output for the engine. It is important for the camshaft to spin at the appropriate rate to sustain its operation. An electronic component called a camshaft position sensor allows the engine to record the spinning rate of the camshaft. It also detects the position of the camshaft as well.

After the information is recorded, it gets sent to the engine control module. This computer manages the ignition system and fuel injection system based on the information it received. Everything from the timing of the fuel injector to the ignition spark is dependent on the accuracy of the information. But if you have timing issues with the fuel injector and ignition spark failure, then it could very well be related to a camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction.

You’ll know this is the problem if a diagnostic scan gives you trouble code P0340. The symptoms that’ll prompt you to conduct a diagnostic scan include a rough idle, stalling, Check Engine light, power loss while driving, engine misfire, or vehicle fails to start. Aside from having a bad camshaft position sensor, this problem might also happen because of a bad crankshaft position sensor, damaged reluctor ring, or defective circuit wiring or circuit connector on the camshaft.

This is a very serious problem that most get solved quickly. You obviously cannot survive on the road if your engine stops generating power. The longer you continue to attempt driving on the road under these conditions, the more damage you’re going to do to your engine. Then you’ll end up having to spend thousands of dollars on repairing or replacing your engine. It is so much cheaper just to have the camshaft position sensor replaced as soon as it becomes a problem.

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But first, have the connectors and wiring inspected. In many cases, these areas are the cause of the problem rather than the sensor directly. Only an experienced mechanic can figure out which is the real cause. That is why you should not attempt to fix this problem yourself. Let a professional mechanic conduct these inspections and fix whatever is necessary.

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