Can You get Car Insurance without a Car?

Car insurance is what every driver is expected to have when they own a car. If you don’t own a car but are driving someone else’s car, then it is possible for them to put your name on their insurance policy for the car. Then if you get into an accident while driving their car, you will have insurance coverage for it.

What about situations where you rent or borrow a car? Well, if you rent a car from a licensed rental car agency, then they might try to sell you temporary car insurance to cover the days in which you’ll have possession of the car. But if you’re borrowing someone else’s vehicle in good faith, then you will have no coverage whatsoever.

Now the question remains, can you get car insurance without a car? The simple answer is yes, you can. However, there are a limited number of car insurance companies that’ll sell car insurance to someone without a car. People like this are often seen as high-risk customers, so insurance companies are reluctant to sell them an insurance policy. But if an insurance company does decide to offer an insurance policy to someone like this, their monthly premiums will be very high.

The typical person who would need car insurance without a car is someone with a suspended license or someone without a driver’s license. They may also be too poor to purchase a vehicle of their own, so perhaps they’re driving a friend’s car. Whatever the reason, the person must contact an insurance agent directly and discuss their situation with them. You cannot apply for car insurance without a car over the internet. This must be done directly with an agent.

Type of Coverage

The type of insurance policy which offers car insurance coverage without a car is called a non-owner auto insurance policy. This is a very limited insurance policy which does not cover the vehicle you’re driving, whether it’s borrowed or rented. A non-owner auto insurance policy only offers coverage for property damage and injuries you cause to other people. So, you’re basically getting liability coverage but not comprehensive or collision coverage.

When you apply for a non-owner auto insurance policy, you must choose the liability limit you want to have on it. If you choose a greater limit, then you will pay more money for the policy each month. Some states require you to file a specific financial responsibility form, such as an FR-44 or SR-22. As a result, the state may require you to purchase a certain amount of liability coverage.

It is possible to get uninsured motorist and medical coverages on your non-owner auto insurance policy, but only in certain states. This would ultimately protect you in case you get injured in an accident that was not your fault. Also, if you’re purchasing this insurance coverage because you’re going to rent vehicles, then make sure the insurance policy covers rented vehicles. In this case, you’d be better off purchasing the minimum liability coverage sold by the rental car agency. That is required by law anyway.

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Overall, it certainly helps to purchase non-owner auto insurance coverage if you don’t own a car and are driving other people’s cars. The biggest protection you’ll have is if you get in an accident and cause property damage or injury to someone else. However, you won’t have much personal protection in case something happens to you.

Your best bet would be to work toward purchasing a vehicle of your own. But in the meantime, you can use a non-owner auto insurance coverage policy as a way to get some protection behind the wheel. The only downside is the inflated premium costs, which are almost as much as the premiums of a regular car insurance policy that offers more coverage to car owners.

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