Top 5 Best Loudest Air Horn for Your Car

Car horns are annoying to hear, but they are necessary to use in certain traffic situations. For instance, if you need to get another driver’s attention because they are not moving on the road, then a car horn comes in handy. This normally happens at stoplights where the light turns green, but the driver is distracted by something else. If you’re behind the driver, then you would get their attention by honking your car horn. In most cars, you just press the middle of your steering wheel with the palm of your hand, and it’ll cause the horn to honk.

Some car horns are louder than others. If you live in a busy area with a lot of traffic and commotion in the surrounding environment, then you need a loud car horn to make sure you get the attention of other drivers.

Below are the top 5 loudest air horns designed for cars.

1) MPC B1 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit

Even though it’s called a train air horn, the MPC B1 is a universal air horn which means you can install it in virtually any car or truck. Its compressor is not waterproof, though, so you must choose a dry area for the installation. The sound of the horn goes up to 150 decibels, which will definitely get people’s attention on the road. Inside the kit, you’ll find a 110-PSI air compressor which has an air tank that is 3 liters in size. The MPC B1 is by far one of the loudest air car horns on this list.

2) Stebel Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn

The Stebel Nautilus Air Horn offers a distinct horn sound at 139 decibels. This is a compact and water-resistant car horn which can be installed in virtually any location in your vehicle. If you’re looking for both loudness and compactness out of an air-based car horn, then you’ll like the Stebel Nautilus. If your vehicle has a 12-volt system, then you can install this air horn in it. This doesn’t just apply to standard cars, but also boats, ATVs, trucks, and motorcycles too. So, if you’re looking for an affordable car horn that is compact and loud, then you won’t find a better one than this.

3) HELLA Twin Horn Kit

The HELLA Twin Horn Kit gives you 118 decibels and includes a 1-year warranty with each purchase. You’ll get two horns with this kit, one of which is a high tone horn and the other is a low tone horn. Two mounting brackets and installation instructions are included with the kit. The instructions are simply for anyone to follow.

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4) Wolo Bad Boy Loud Car Horn

The Wolo Bad Boy Loud Car Horn offers 118 decibels of loudness, which is said to be double the loudness of a standard factory-made car horn. The reason for the extra loudness can be attributed to the strong dual tone of the horn. Since the Wolo Bad Boy is designed as one piece only, you are not actually adding a new car horn. This device will upgrade your existing factory car horn and make it louder.

5) Marco Tornado Car Horn

The Marco Tornado Car Horn wins as the loudest air horn for cars. Its sound output has a whopping 151 decibels, which just beats the MPC B1 by a single decibel. You won’t need to add any more power to the vehicle. If your vehicle has an electrical supply of 12 volts, then you can fit it in your car without any problems. Only the finest material was used to create this car horn, so it should stay strong for a long time. The purchase comes with a 1-year warranty anyway just in case.

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