Top 5 Best Aftermarket Car Alarm Systems

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There are several benefits to owning a car alarm system. If someone is trying to break into your vehicle, then a car alarm system will easily scare them away. Some car alarm systems will activate if someone merely steps close to the vehicle. There are so many sophisticated car alarm systems available on the market with very interesting technologies in them.

The only thing that discourages people from purchasing car alarm systems is their price tag. But if you choose an aftermarket car alarm system, then you might find a much better deal. Aftermarket auto parts are basically parts which come from the secondary market and not directly from the original car manufacturer. These could be custom or enhanced parts made by third party companies or entities.

Top 5 Products

Below are the top 5 best aftermarket car alarm systems. Some are focused more on entry security, while others focus on the loudness of the alarm system.

1) SAFETYON Keyless Entry System

The SAFETYON Keyless Entry System uses a deadbolt-style locking mechanism to ensure your vehicle’s security. This will replace the traditional door locks of your vehicle. You can use this system with a trailer truck, camper, or any larger vehicle. No thief will ever be able to bypass this alarm system because you can set a password security code for it. That means you need to know the password if you want to deactivate or activate the alarm. The range of the transmitter goes up to 33 yards.2) The CarLock Advanced Real-Time Car Tracker

If you like to use your smartphone to control things in your environment, then you’ll want the CarLock Advanced Real-Time Car Tracker. This is an app-based alarm system which you can monitor via your smartphone. The CarkLock is comprised of several sensors which detect strange vibrations and impact happening to the vehicle or the alarms system itself. Information about this is sent to your smartphone immediately. Unfortunately, there is a monthly fee to pay because of the GPS feature used.3) The Directed Electronics Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST

The Python 5706P gives you a lot for your money. Not only is this a strong alarm system, but it can be expanded by adding a lot of different accessories of your choosing. The wireless connection technology of the LCD pager has a radius of 1 mile, which allows you to receive feedback from the system if you’re up to a mile away from it. The sensitivity levels of the sensors can be adjusted accordingly. Other cool features include a shock sensor, LCD pager, and a parking meter timer.Read also:

4) The Avital 5303L Security Remote Start System

The Avital 5303L features a huge LCD display with blue backlighting. This makes it easier to see whether it’s dark or light outside. There is a panic mode integrated into the system which will surely get everyone’s attention regarding who is around the area. Your car lights will flash, and the siren will blast loudly in the environment. A key is not required to start the system because you’ll have a remote control or that. The system has highly sensitive sensors, so it won’t take much to set it off. The information detected is presented on the LCD display screen.5) The Pyle Car Alarm Security System

The Pyle Car Alarm Security System will get people’s attention, thanks to the 120 decibels of sound output. It comes with an emergency override feature, ignition locking, valet switch mode, two auxiliary outputs, active arming, and passive arming. Although it doesn’t have four auxiliary channels like other alarm systems, it does give you enough versatility in the actions you can perform.

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