Top 7 Best Wheel Locks for Cars and Trailers

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Property theft including vehicles and trailers has continued to steadily increase all over the country. One of the main reasons is because they commonly are left unattended for long periods of time. This often leads to many opportunities for criminals looking to steal them. In the case of a trailer, all that is really needed is a vehicle with a trailer hitch on the back and few seconds. In the case of a car, an unlocked door or smashed windshield is all it takes for a good car thief that jump in your car when you aren’t around.

This if you haven’t figured out a way to prevent any of the wheels from turning which will make it virtually impossible to get away with it. That is where an ingeniously simple product that claims to be able to solve that problem. It is called a wheel lock and it only takes a couple of seconds to hook it up over one of your vehicle wheels and tire. This will prevent the trailer or vehicle from being driven off. For this article, we put together a list of seven top Wheel Locks and included a description for each one.

Best Wheel Locks for Cars and Trailers

1) Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

The Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock is a heavy-duty anti-theft device that is designed to prevent anyone from taking your unattended vehicle or trailer. It only takes a few seconds to install around one of the wheels and tires and lock it in place. The unique design also acts as a wheel chock to prevent the vehicle from rolling away.

The wheel lock is made from high-strength, durable steel and is covered in a long-lasting yellow powder coat finish. The two curved clamp arms have a protective rubberized coating to help protect the finish of the rims of your vehicle or trailer. The arms are held in place by the built-in locking mechanism that is operated by the turning of a key.

The arms are adjustable to make it able to fit around a wide range of vehicle wheels including; cars, trucks, SUVs, light and heavy-duty trucks, and trailers. The device features a plate with teeth on the bottom edge that allows it to dig into the ground after it is put around the wheel and tire. This position makes it virtually impossible to roll the vehicle or trailer away. It is compact, lightweight, and can easily be stored in the trunk or a toolbox on your trailer.2) VaygWay Tire Clamp Wheel Lock

The VaygWay Tire Clamp Wheel Lock- Metal Boot is a heavy-duty anti-theft device designed to prevent a thief from taking off with your vehicle or trailer when it is unattended. The adjustable arms are designed to wrap securely around the wheel and tire so that it can not be rolled or dragged. It is made of heavy-duty steel and features a protective coating that will not damage your rim or tire.

The wheel lock is constructed of heavy-duty steel for high-strength steel and features a durable PVC coating to keep it from causing any damage to your rim or tire when it is installed. There is a small plate sticking out at the bottom of the lock with sharp points that dig into the ground to prevent the wheel from turning or rolling. The sturdy brass locking mechanism has a key (includes a spare key) to lock and unlock it when it is put in place on your vehicle or trailer.

It is very compact and can easily be stored in the trunk of your vehicle or placed in a toolbox on the trailer so that you can easily install it when you not using the trailer or when you can have to sit outside for an extended amount of time unattended.3) Goplus Heavy Duty Trailer Lock Wheel Clamp

The Goplus Heavy Duty Trailer Lock Wheel Clamp is a heavy-duty anti-theft device that is designed to protect your vehicle, trailer, or other wheeled machines. This clamp-on-wheel lock is highly adjustable and will provide you peace of mind when you have to leave your trailer, ATV, or any other wheeled vehicle attended for any length of time. Its compact size and weight make it really easy to store it away when not in use.

It is made from high-strength steel with a soft PVC coating on the arms that clamp around the rims and tires of your vehicle or trailer to prevent accidental damage. The clam is adjustable to fit tires and wheels from 7” to 11” and features an all-brass locking mechanism with a cover to keep out moisture and debris. It also features a convenient handle with an anti-slip grip for better control. The locking mechanism includes three keys to operate the lock.

Weighing in at just over 5 lb it is much stronger than you would expect something as compact and lightweight. The overall dimension 19” X 11” X 4” makes it really easy to store it in the trunk of your vehicle or toolbox on the trailer.4) Kaycentop Wheel Clamp Lock

Kaycentop Wheel Clamp Lock Universal Security Tire Lock Anti Theft Lock, Yellow, and Black is a heavy-duty security lock system designed for vehicles and trailers with a tire size up to 10” wide. It is made from high-strength materials in order to make it strong and durable enough to withstand many years of use keeping your stuff safe. It is really easy to operate and can be quickly put in place with minimal effort.

The heavy-duty steel alloy material in its construction and soft PVC coating over the clamp arms. It is strong enough to keep someone from taking your stuff and at the same time, it won’t cause any damage to your rim or tire. The handle features a sure-grip cover that makes it easy to handle and it is perfectly situated after it is placed on the wheel to ensure that the wheel does not move.

The locking mechanism features all brass internal parts for reliable operation. It opens with a turn of the key and closes and locks with a simple push into place. There is an attached cover that pops in place to keep out the water, dust, and other debris. The locking clamp is fairly compact (overall dimensions, 16.54 x 9.45 x 2.76 inches) and weighs in at just under 5.5 lb. It can easily be put in the trunk of your vehicle or toolbox.5) Zento Deals 2 Pack Security Tire Clamp

The Zento Deals 2 Pack Security Tire Clamp Heavy Duty Anti- Theft Vehicle Wheel Loc is a high-quality theft deterrent that is designed to keep your vehicle or trailer safe when it has to be left unattended. The durable and extra sturdy wheel clamp is designed to fit on most wheels on cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs, minivans, and trailers. It also has an all-brass internal locking mechanism with two keys.

Zento created this special package that contains two of their high-quality wheel clamps. They are made using durable steel and have a protective coating on the arms to help protect the finish on your rims. The wheel lock is easy to install with a turn of the key the arms pop open to allow you to slip it around the wheel of your vehicle, trailer, and other things. Once you have it securely in place, you push the locking mechanism back into the housing and it will hold it. Once it is locked in place you put the cover over the lock to keep out the dust, dirt, and water out.

The lightweight, yet very strong wheel clamp weighs in at just over 4.5 lbs and has a short handle with a padded grip to make it really easy to handle. The compact size (15 x 11 x 2 inches) makes it really easy to store it when you are not using it.6) OKLEAD Trailer Wheel Locks clamp

The OKLEAD Trailer Wheel Locks clamp is a heavy-duty wheel locking device designed to help deter theft of your car, truck, or trailer. It has the ability to be put on a wide range of vehicle types including cars, minivans, light-duty and heavy-duty pickup trucks, large and small SUVs, and trailers. As long as the wheel and tire are not larger than 12” wide, you should be able to easily slip it on and lock it in place.

This high-strength steel and PVC coated wheel clamp is well built and able to withstand a lot of rugged use. The body of the clamp features an extremely durable powder coating that can help it t resist rust and keeps it looking good. It features a sturdy, all-brass locking mechanism and comes with two keys for the lock. The clamp can also double as a wheel chock to prevent the wheel from accidentally rolling away. There is a spiked plate attached to the end of the clamp that will dig into the ground to provide extra holding power.

It has a unique boxy shape and it is very compact so that makes it much easier to handle. Its compact size also means that it is really easy to store away when not in use. It can put in the trunk of a vehicle, behind the seat of your pickup or put in a toolbox on a trailer.7) S AFSTAR Wheel Lock Clamp

The S AFSTAR Wheel Lock Clamp, Heavy Duty Adjustable Tire Boot Claw is a highly versatile and rugged wheel clamp that can be adjusted to fit around a wheel and tire from 7” to 11”. It features heavy-duty steel and strong welds in its construction. The locking mechanism is made from sturdy material and has a cap to keep the moisture and debris out.

The SAFSTAR Wheel Clamp is designed to be placed around the wheel of most any vehicle, trailer that has a wheel width from 7” to 11”. When it is in place the wheel will move and that makes it virtually impossible for your stuff to be stolen when left unattended. The installation couldn’t be simpler, put the key in turn it and the arms pop open. Place the arms around the wheel close the arm tightly and push the lock inside and put the cover on. To remove it, just reverse the steps, remove the cap, put the key in and turn it. When the lock opens the arms release and you remove the clamp.Read also:

The wheel lock features a handy handle with a soft grip to make it very comfortable to use. The handle also help to keep it in the proper position when in use. The clamp is relatively lightweight (just over 5lb) and very compact (overall dimensions, 19 x 11 x 4 inches).

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