Top 5 Best Wheel Lock for Your Car

Do you have a problem with people stealing the wheels and tires of your car? If not, are you at least worried about the possibility of that happening? All someone needs to do is use a lug wrench to remove the lug nuts from your wheels. Then if they have a car jack, they can hoist up your vehicle and remove the wheels and tires easily.

We don’t like to think about someone doing this kind of thing, but it can easily be done. Lug wrenches are usable on the lugs of any vehicle, which is a scary thing. If you don’t have secured anti-theft lugs, then what is going to stop someone from removing them? Even if they don’t want to steal your wheels, they could still put you in danger by removing your lugs so that you’ll have an accident on the road.

Fortunately, there are special lockable lug nuts that you can purchase called wheel locks. You screw them onto your wheel like normal lugs. However, the difference is that you can lock these lugs in place with a master key after you install them. This means the lugs cannot be removed with a lug wrench alone. Only one key can unlock the lugs before they can be removed with a lug wrench, and it is the key which comes with the wheel locks. As long as you hold onto that key, then no one will ever be able to steal your wheels and tires.

Top 5 Products

So, what are the best wheel locks available? You don’t need to worry too much about the make and model of your vehicle. Just purchase wheel locks which match the size of your normal lug nuts. If you have trouble with this, remove one of your existing lug nuts and measure its length and diameter. Then purchase wheel locks which have the same measurements.

Below are the top 5 best wheel locks for your car.

1) Gorilla Automotive Acorn Gorilla Guard

The Gorilla Automotive Acorn Gorilla Guard are awesome gorilla nuts which have 5 sizes to choose from and durable steel construction. No matter how big your wheel is, there should be a nut size to accommodate it. These wheel locks have a very impressive conical seat which moves 60 degrees. You’ll receive 4 lockable gorilla nuts and a key with each package that you purchase. The length is 1.5 inches each.

2) McGard Chrome Cone Seat 24157

The McGard Chrome Cone Seat are lockable lug nuts for automotive wheels. Their high-quality durable steel construction comes from the United States. They’re also vibrant, attractive and corrosion-resistant because of their nickel-chrome plating which serves as a finish. The lug nuts are 1.28 inches long, and you get 4 lockable nuts with 1 key for all of them.

3) Trimax TCL65 

The Trimax TCL65 is a chock lock for wheels. This is not a package of lug nuts like other products on this list. The TCL65 is basically a lockable clamp which is placed on your wheel to prevent it from moving. It is like in the old days when the police put a boot on your wheels if you had unpaid parking tickets or something. Now you have control over the boot because you have the key for it. Sure, you may not enjoy installing the chock lock, but the benefits are worth it once you do.

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4) Toyota Genuine Accessories

The Toyota Genuine Accessories is a wheel lock designed for Toyota model vehicles only. This package is actually a series of lug nuts which balances weight quite well. You’ll get 4 lug nuts and a key. Of course, don’t purchase this wheel lock if you don’t have a Toyota vehicle. You’re required to have a Toyota to use it.

5) Honda Genuine Accessories

The Honda Genuine Accessories is designed specifically for Honda vehicles. The chrome plating on the outside is quite extraordinary and beautiful. You can safely store your tiny key away in the pouch that comes in this package. The Honda Genuine is expensive, so get a cheaper wheel lock system if you don’t have a Honda.

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