5 Best Weight Distribution Hitches with Sway Control for Your Car 

Does the sway of your trailer make you nervous about driving the speed limit? Is it a challenge to stop your rig correctly?

If your headlights are pointed more toward the sky than the road with these issues, then your vehicle needs a weight distribution hitch. This system ensures a smoother, more level ride while towing at your car’s maximum capacity.

It will also help with stopping, steering, and car swag. When you include sway control with this design, then you don’t need to white-knuckle the steering wheel anymore.

List of the Best Weight Distribution Hitches with Sway Control

Before installing a hitch of any type on your car, you will need to review the manufacturer’s recommendations for your make and model. Some vehicles may not be capable of using this product due to its maximum towing capacity.

  1. EAZ Lift 48058

This weight distribution hitch provides an elite kit that offers 1,000 pounds of total tongue weight capacity. It works to create a smoother ride thanks to the interchangeable bars that give a positive latching action. You’ll receive a ready-to-go hitch ball and a sway control option that come pre-installed and torqued to specification. The spring bars have U-bolts and a chain package to complete the deal.

The installation process for your car is relatively easy since all of the mounting hardware comes in the box. You’ll be able to tow 10,000 pounds with the max rating with the spring bars, or up to 6,000 pounds without them. Even the ball height is adjustable.

  1. CURT 17063

If level towing is your priority with your car, then this weight distribution hitch will get the job done. You’ll notice improved control and a smoother ride immediately after installation. The sway control bar enhances the driving experience since it resists the side-to-side movement of what you’re towing. This unit has a 14,000-pound gross trailer weight rating, with up to 1,400 pounds of tongue weight.

The manufacturer created a highly adjustable 2-inch shank that fits with almost every hitch receiver in the industry today. You’ll also get a 2 5/16-inch trailer ball that is ready for coupling with the product. It is corrosion-resistant, easy to maintain, and an affordable investment for your car.

  1. Husky 32218

This weight distribution hitch combines sway control with its base features to create a single-unit installation. There is no need for additional hardware to receive its outstanding performance, so that means your installation time is dramatically reduced. You’ll notice a lot less noise when using this design when compared to others in this category, and the weight requirements are a lot less for cars with smaller towing capacities.

It is made from forged and hardened steel to supply towing for up to 12,000 pounds of gross trailer weight. The hitch ball is factory installed and correctly torqued for use. You even have the option for the handle to be used to hook up and remove bars.

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  1. Andersen Hitches 3350

Would you believe that this hitch only weighs 60 pounds? You don’t even need pry bars to install the product. That makes it one of the fastest installations in the industry today. The system works to self-adjust when you’re driving, which is a feature that works even when you’re driving in reverse. It offers an anti-bounce, motion-dampening system that gives you one of the steadiest and quietest experiences you can find.

Even with its lightweight nature, you can achieve a 14,000 GWTR when using a 2-inch rack. You can also use the standard ball for towing without weight distribution if you prefer. You’ll find that it is compact, easy to manage, and very useful.

  1. Ultra-Fab Products 35-946236

This hitch gives you everything needed for safety and stability in one package. It comes with the hitch ball, sway control, and a weight distributing hitch that installs remarkably quickly. The tongue weight capacity is 1,000 pounds on this model. It comes with a 2 5/16-inch ball that works well to tow most items while reducing the squatting effect that happens when towing at capacity. You also have the option to replace the ball as needed for your situation.

The sway control feature is a little loud with this hitch compared to others. It is also built like a tank, so it may be too heavy to work with smaller cars. If you tow something heavy consistently, this product will provide consistent results.

The best weight distribution hitches with sway control for your car will help you to tow at your maximum capacity. It will create more stability while driving, and the product will reduce chatter at the wheel. Remember to verify the specifications your vehicle supports before selecting one of these items to meet your needs today.

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