5 Best Oil Additives to Stop Car Engine Knocking

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When your car engine begins to knock a little bit, then the air-fuel mixture is probably off a little bit. The issue could be carbon build-up, bad spark plugs, or an incorrect fuel octane. If you leave this issue untreated, then severe damage can occur to the engine.

Another issue that can cause the knocking sound is a lack of lubrication in the upper cylinder area of the engine. This problem creates a ticking noise when the lifters and valves are either loose or not getting enough oil.

Oil additives are an easy way to stop the knocking sounds if the latter problem is your primary issue.

List of the Best Oil Additives for Engine Knocking

It is uncommon for an oil problem to create knocking sounds for your car’s engine. You will want to verify that it isn’t a more severe problem before using one of these additives as a solution.

1) STP Oil Treatmen

This oil treatment product contains a zinc anti-wear agent that helps to fight metal-to-metal friction that can cause knocking sounds. It works to lubricate the moving parts of the engine, offering a thicker cushion between them so that you can receive the power and performance you expect. The outcome results in less oil burning because there are fewer places where heat can stay trapped.

It is a high-viscosity formula that is well-suited for all passenger vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and light trucks. You can use it with conventional or synthetic oils. The best results happen when you add one bottle to fresh oil during your standard maintenance window.

2) Liquid Moly Anti-Friction Oil Treatment

If you choose this oil additive for your vehicle, then the product will form a high load-bearing film that lubricates all of your friction surfaces. Your engine will sound immediately better, reducing or eliminating knocking sounds as it creates a protective layer. Even if you’re driving at a high RPM, you’ll receive consistent results when choosing this item. You can also add it in between oil changes to see improved results.

You may want to pour it directly into your crankcase. It may even produce better gas mileage for you since the engine doesn’t need to work as hard. If you’ve noticed some struggles while starting, then you might also want to consider this product.

3) Restore Engine Lubricant

This manufacturer produces an oil additive option that works with specific engine designs. If you have a V6 in your car, then you’d need to purchase their six-cylinder formula. You’ll add this product directly to your engine oil to start seeing benefits. It works to restore your compression, generate horsepower, and prolong the life of your vehicle. You’ll also notice a decrease in the amount of oil consumption that happens.

It provides an extreme level of pressure lubrication to stop issues with excessive wear. You can use synthetic or conventional oil with the additive to create results. Owners of older, high-mileage engines will typically see the best outcomes since it fills worn-out areas of the cylinders.

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4) Lucas Oil Stop Leak Formula

You’ll find that this oil additive is compatible with full synthetic, petroleum, and semi-synthetic options for your car. Not only can it help to improve your engine performance, but it is also one of the few products in this category that can renew some of your worn seals. There is no risk of damage or eventual corrosion when using this item. You’ll see a significant reduction of engine noise while an improvement in oil pressure occurs.

Unless you have an extreme leak, one bottle of this product will help to solve your problem. Put it in instead of using one quart of oil, and then drive your car regularly until your next service window. You might even see a reduction in the operating temperature of the engine.

5) TriboTEX Nano Oil Additive

If you want a groundbreaking product that works to reverse engine wear, then this is the item to select. It contains synthetic nanoparticles that come from the U.S. government and other entities to stop wear issues on your bearings. It creates a diamond-like carbon coating that is compatible with all types of motor oil. Even if your car uses a diesel engine, you have the option to use this product.

It only takes one treatment to create results in your car. The product is more expensive than other treatments, but you’ll see better outcomes in 500 miles or less. Then treat your engine again every 40,000 miles.

The best oil additives to stop engine knocking sounds will work to prolong the life of your vehicle. Don’t ignore any ticking or pinging either. When you respond with haste using these products, then the driving experience can improve dramatically.

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