Top 5 Best Car Covers for Hail Protection

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Hail is a word which refers to frozen rain. If the outdoor temperatures are cold enough, the rain droplets which fall from the clouds will turn into ice pellets on their way down. Hail is obviously more durable than rain, which means your vehicle could possibly suffer some damage from it.

A lot of car owners don’t realize how damaging hail can be to their vehicles. But if you think about how hail drops thousands of feet from the sky, the gravitational pull will certainly cause these tiny ice pellets to dent your car. Unless you keep your car covered and protected during a hailstorm, you could end up finding the entire body of your vehicle covered in little dents.

As for your windshield, you can expect glass damage all over the place. This won’t be the kind of damage which you can patch up either. You’ll end up having to replace the entire windshield and possibly replace the body of the vehicle too.

Top 5 Car Covers

Why put up with all this headache and expense when you can just cover your vehicle? There are special car covers available which are designed to protect vehicles from hail. Make sure you don’t just purchase any car cover because they’re not all made for hail. The material of the cover must be durable enough to withstand the impact of the hail.

To help you choose the right car cover, below are the top 5 car covers for hail protection.

1) CarCovers Indoor and Outdoor Cover

The CarCovers Indoor and Outdoor Cover is not a universal cover for vehicles. However, the company has several versions of this cover, which can accommodate different make and model vehicles. Therefore, you should be able to find a version of this cover which can fit your model vehicle. This cover has an inner fleece lining to protect your vehicle against hail, rain, UV rays, snow, and wind.2) YIKA Magnetic Windshield Cover

The YIKA Magnetic Windshield Cover is designed to not only shield your vehicle from hail, but to also prevent snow and ice from sticking to the body. Its leak-proof material won’t absorb water since snow and ice won’t stay on the outside of it. Unlike the previous cover listed, the YIKA Magnetic Windshield Cover is a universal car cover. That means it is designed to fit any vehicle.3) Reliancer Car Tent and Umbrella

The Reliancer Car Tent and Umbrella has silver-coated material which is water-resistant and designed to block heat from getting into the vehicle. This comes in very handy during the hot summer months when you want to keep your cabin cooled off. As for the winter months when hail is present, it can protect your car from lighter hail pellets. The cover is applied by using the TPU rubber suction cups included.Read also:

4) Leader Accessories Platinum Guard

The Leader Accessories Platinum Guard contains a multi-layer design which easily withstands the impact of hail. The Platinum Guard is specifically meant for sedan vehicles. The layers consist of two UV resistant layers, four spun-bound polypropylene layers, and one soft cotton layer. The cotton helps prevent exterior damage, while the UV resistant layers will shield the vehicle from sunlight-induced deterioration.5) Altindal Hail Storm Car Cover

The Altindal Hail Storm Car Cover is made specifically for the purpose of protecting a vehicle against hail pellets. The sides of the vehicle are not protected that much by the cover, but the front, back and top of the vehicle are protected. Whatever comes down from the sky, the ethylene-vinyl acetate material of the cover is designed to resist its impact. Once you take the cover out of the box, it takes under 60 seconds to install it.

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