Top 5 Best Auto Roadside Emergency Kits

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Roadside emergencies come in many forms. They don’t necessarily mean that you’re involved in a traffic accident or anything that serious. For most people, they experience flat tires, low battery power, or a mechanical issue that leaves them stranded on the side of the road. Some of these problems are easily fixable if you have the right tools handy. In other cases, you’ll need a tow truck to take your vehicle away to a safe location where it can be repaired.

If you want to be prepared for roadside emergencies, then you should equip your vehicle with an auto roadside emergency kit. Although it cannot solve every problem, it does contain a variety of different tools to assist you during a typical roadside emergency. Some emergency kits have the same tools, while others have different tools than one another. This is what makes them different.

The Top 5 Kits

There are dozens of auto roadside emergency kits on the market. When you go to choose one for your vehicle, you need to think about the kinds of roadside emergencies that you anticipate happening. Then you need to think about which tools will most benefit you in these cases. Consider your own current physical condition and auto expertise before making your final decision.

Below are the top 5 auto roadside emergency kits.

1) First Secure Auto Emergency Roadside Kit – 90 Pieces

The First Secure Auto Emergency Roadside Kit contains 90 pieces, including a tire patch kit, tow strap, first aid kit, jumper cables, multiple tools, and a flashlight. You won’t find a poncho in this kit, though, which might be inconvenient if it is raining outside and you need to change a tire or something. The flashlight comes with a headlamp that allows you to remain handsfree as you work on your vehicle. The price is $59.95.2) AAA Excursion Road Kit – 76 Pieces

You’ve probably heard of AAA before. It stands for American Automobile Association. A lot of drivers call them when faced with a roadside emergency. AAA dispatches tow truck drivers to your local area to help you. However, if you don’t want to wait for their help and you have a simple problem to fix, you should try the AAA Excursion Road Kit instead. The kit contains 76 pieces, such as an air compressor (250 psi), tools, booster cables (heavy duty), flashlight, and poncho. You’ll even find standard automobile accident forms too. The price is $59.99.3) Victor Covered Emergency Road Kit – 104 Pieces

The Victor Covered Emergency Road Kit contains 104 pieces and is less expensive than the other two kits on this list. The best piece is the tire sealant, which is a substitute for the tire patch kit. Most of the other important items for emergencies are in the kit as well. There is a poncho for when it rains and an air compressor for when the air pressure in your tires is low. No tow strap or wrench is available. The price of the kit is $39.73.Read also:

4) Relief Pod International Large Emergency Kit

The Relief Pod International Large Emergency Kit is more of a survival kit for safety purposes. It gives you food, water, tools, first aid, a multitool, flashlight, radio, charger, soap, and sanitary items. You won’t find many items that can help you with repair work. But if you need to survive for a couple of days without anyone around, this kit can help. The price is $57.48.5) AutoClubHero Car Emergency Kit

The AutoClubHero Car Emergency Kit will give you a lot of helpful items that you won’t find in other kits. Some of these items include toilet paper, waterproof matches, a sleeping bag, mylar blanket, food, water, and hand warmers. Just don’t expect the best quality for these items, but at least they’re better than nothing. If you’re stranded in a remote area and help is not available, you’ll appreciate the food, water, and sleeping bag. The price is $148.97.

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