5 Best Synthetic Oils for a Car Diesel Engines

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Diesel engines are known for their ability to generate massive amounts of energy to move bigger vehicles, such as trucks and buses. Like gasoline engines, diesel engines have components in them which need to be lubricated regularly with oil. But the oil used in diesel engines is formulated differently than gasoline engine oil. Diesel oil is formulated to ensure that diesel engine components run just right and don’t encounter any problems. You cannot put diesel oil in a gasoline engine or gasoline oil in a diesel engine. You must put diesel oil in a diesel engine.

You can use either synthetic diesel oil or traditional diesel oil for your diesel engine. If you want the best lubrication possible for your engine, then you’ll choose the synthetic option with each oil change that you do. It costs a little bit more money, but it’ll preserve the functionality and lifespan of your diesel engine considerably. Besides, if you choose the traditional diesel oil option, you’ll end up changing it more often than with the synthetic oil option.

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5 Best Synthetic Oils for Diesel

Synthetic oils have special additives in them. These additives are what allow the oil to work so well in diesel engines. Since there are several types of synthetic oil options available, it might be overwhelming for an inexperienced person to choose the best one for their needs. To save you the trouble of searching for the best synthetic oil option, we have compiled this information for you in the following list.

Below are the top 5 best synthetic oils for diesel engines.

1) Lucas Synthetic CJ-4

Lucas Synthetic CJ-4 is formulated to work well in the engines of pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles. It doesn’t matter how old their diesel engines are either. This oil product is resistant to thermal breakdowns and can travel 30,000 miles without any problems, according to tests.2) Motul 8100 X-cess

Motul 8100 X-cess is a great synthetic oil which works well in diesel engines as well as gasoline engines. Since it is 100% synthetic oil, the engine doesn’t need to use as much of it. For instance, you can drive thousands of more miles in your diesel-powered vehicle if it has Motul 8100 versus most other diesel oils.3) Castrol Edge Turbo Diesel Engine Oil

Castrol Edge Turbo Diesel Engine Oil is recommended if you have a newer diesel engine and you want it to function well. It allows for great engine performance and protects against wear and tear of the engine. If you put a lot of pressure on your diesel engine, the Castrol Edge Turbo Diesel Engine will ensure that its components continue to run smoothly while staying cool as well.Read also:

4) Shell Rotella Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Shell Rotella Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil is another synthetic oil that is formulated for both diesel engines and gasoline engines. This particular synthetic oil formula is designed to protect engines from wear and tear while keeping them clean. It is also oil which can accommodate several types of driving conditions.  You’ll have protection against high temperatures as well as low temperatures.5) Schaeffer Supreme 7000

Schaeffer Supreme 7000 is a premium quality synthetic oil for diesel engines only. It can manage soot buildup, protect against wear & tear, and provide oxidation resistance. If you use low-sulfur diesel fuel with this oil, then it’ll work the best for your engine. Then you’ll notice how much faster it is to start your diesel engine than it was before.  Of course, you can still use this oil even if you don’t have a low-sulfur fuel in your vehicle.

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