5 Best Brake Pads (for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks)

Most people don’t think about which type of brake pads they have in their cars, SUVs, and trucks. Brake pads come with vehicles when they’re purchased, so there is no reason for anyone to think about their brake pads. However, when your current brake pads become worn out, then you will need to purchase new

Car AC Expansion Valve Function, Symptoms, and Replacement Cost

The air conditioning expansion valve, which is better known as the Car AC expansion valve, is a component of the car air conditioning system that is found inside virtually every automobile. As you may know, refrigerant liquid circulates within the system and flows to the evaporator where it transforms into cool vapor. This is how

4 Symptoms of a Bad Car AC Compressor and Replacement Cost

Every modern vehicle has an air conditioning system in it. When you switch the air control to “cool” on the dashboard, there is refrigerant fluid within the system which flows and circulates. This is how the air turns cool before it blows out of the air vents. The refrigerant requires a certain amount of pressure

Speed Sensitive Power Steering Function and Working Principle

Power steering systems are found in most modern vehicles. The benefit of a power steering system is that it lets you steer your vehicle with minimal effort or strength. Some drivers think that power steering systems provide too much steering support, especially when traveling at high speeds. Drivers don’t feel as if they have good

4 Symptoms of a Bad Input Shaft Bearing and Replacement Cost

The transmission system is what allows the driver to control the power generated by the engine. This is done by using the gears of a gearbox. In a manual transmission system, a clutch is used to connect the engine and input shaft together. When the engine generates power, it has an output shaft which sends

5 Symptoms of a Failure Car Crankshaft Pulley and Replacement Cost

Car engines depend on fuel to generate power for various components of the vehicle, especially the wheels underneath. In fact, there are several mechanical systems as well as electrical systems which depend on engine power to function properly. There is one mechanical system called a crankshaft pulley which helps distribute this engine power to other

Car Engine Mount Function, Replacement Cost and Lifespan

There are a lot of vibrations that come from the engine while it is running. An engine mount is needed to secure the engine within the engine bay area. That way, the engine won’t shake, slide, or move around while it is running or when the vehicle is in motion. Instead, the engine will stay

Top 10 Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower

Every automobile with an internal combustion engine needs a spark plug to start up and move efficiently. Basically, a spark plug transmits an electrical current to the combustion chamber which ignites the mixture of fuel and air in the cylinders. Once the mixture is ignited, the engine generates the power necessary to move the wheels

The Average Airbag Replacement Cost

Airbags were previously something that you only saw in luxury vehicles. Now, virtually every vehicle made within the last 10 to 20 years has at least one airbag. This airbag is installed in the driver side of the interior. It is basically a safety restraint which gives you more protection than what a seatbelt can

5 Symptoms of a Bad Car Condenser and Replacement Cost

The car condenser is the air conditioning condenser of your vehicle. This is just one of many components which make up the air conditioning system. Some of the other components include the compressor, receiver dryer, hoses, and evaporator. But what makes the car condenser so special is that it transforms refrigerant from a gas into