P1404: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Closed Position Performance

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Trouble code P1404 describes a problem called “exhaust gas recirculation closed position performance.” When exhaust gases are produced by the internal combustion process of a gasoline engine, there is an exhaust gas recirculation system which redirects a portion of those gases back into the cylinders of the engine. This helps promote fuel efficiency while reducing carbon emissions.

One important component of the exhaust gas recirculation system is the EGR valve. It is important for the EGR valve to open and close at just the right time. The engine control unit is the computer which controls the timing of the EGR valve position. However, there are situations where the EGR valve may get stuck in the closed position. If that happens, then exhaust gases won’t be able to flee the engine. Alternatively, the EGR valve could get stuck in the open position and let too many exhaust gases back into the engine. Either scenario is bad.

If the Check Engine warning light turns on or your vehicle fails an emissions test, have the powertrain of your vehicle undergo a diagnostic scan. If the scan provides you with trouble code P1404, then it means your EGR valve is stuck in the closed position. This will ultimately raise the combustion temperatures in your engine cylinders. The temperature gauge on your dashboard may even reflect this too.

The engine control unit constantly communicates with the EGR valve and will know whenever it is in the wrong position. Once you know that it gets stuck in the closed position, you must either replace the EGR valve or figure out if another component is causing the problem. Sometimes you may just have a clogged EGR valve which must be cleaned out. But this isn’t a treatment which you should perform alone. It requires someone with the proper knowledge and skills of automobiles to make it happen.

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If you’ve brought your vehicle to an auto mechanic for the diagnostic scan, then they will already know what to do. But if you did the diagnostic scan yourself, then have a professional do the rest. The drivability of your vehicle should be okay for a little while, but don’t let it wait too long. Get the EGR valve unstuck immediately.

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