5 Best Brake Pads (for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks)

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Most people don’t think about which type of brake pads they have in their cars, SUVs, and trucks. Brake pads come with vehicles when they’re purchased, so there is no reason for anyone to think about their brake pads. However, when your current brake pads become worn out, then you will need to purchase new ones to replace them with. Why not purchase high-quality brake pads which last long and do a better job?

Brake pads are very important to the disc braking system of a vehicle. Each time you step on the brake pedal to slow down, the brake pads rub against the spinning disc brake rotors to create friction. This friction causes the spinning rotors to slow down which, in turn, causes the wheels and the entire vehicle to slow down. Your brake pads may last for several years, depending on how often you drive and use the brakes. Once your braking performance diminishes because of worn out brake pads, it is time to get them replaced.

Top 5 Best Products

To help you choose the best replacement brake pads for your vehicle, below are the top 5 brake pads for cars, SUVs, and Trucks. Just examine their qualities to see which one looks like a good match for your vehicle’s braking system. Some of these brake pads may not be compatible with your vehicle, so check with your local auto mechanic or car dealership to see which upgrades are possible.

1) Wagner Automotive – The Wagner Automotive Brake Pads are very popular because they’re affordable, durable, powerful, and compatible with common make and model vehicles. This means you don’t need a Mercedes or other high-end vehicle to use these brake pads. Wagner brake pads can be installed in average model cars, such as the Toyota Prius or Ford Fusion.2) Bosch Premium Grade – The Bosch Premium Automotive Brake Pads are made from a German manufacturer. But this doesn’t mean you need a German-made automobile to use these brake pads. There are other makes and models outside of Germany that are compatible with Bosch Premium brake pads. But you need to check with your vehicle’s manufacturer to see if you can use these brake pads. You can also ask your local auto mechanic or car dealership.Read also:

3) Raybestos Premium Grade – The Raybestos Premium Grade Automotive Brake Pads will give you the braking power that you need to make hard stops. You don’t even need a high-performance vehicle either. The Raybestos brake pads are designed for the disc braking system of the average economy class car. After all, hard stops are something that anybody in any car might have to do unexpectedly. So, it is important that they have good brake pads which can support hard braking when the time comes to do it.4) Akebono Premium Grade – The Akebono Premium Automotive Brake Pads come from a Japanese manufacturer. You can use these brake pads for cars, trucks, scooters, and motorbikes too. There are even high-performance vehicles which use Akebono brake pads too, such as Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. These brake pads generally last for a long time, so they are worth trying out.5) StopTech Performance – The StopTech Performance Brake Pads are the preferred choice of any car owner who operates a fast vehicle and often must apply their brakes quickly. Something like a Mercedes would benefit immensely from these brake pads. You can also use these brake pads with SUVs and light trucks as well. Whenever a lot of stress is put on the StopTech brake pads due to fast braking, there won’t be a lot of dust particles generated like there are with other brake pads. This keeps your brake pads lasting a lot longer.

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