5 Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer for Cleaning Your Car

Do you often take road trips, travel for work, or live the life of a nomad? If so, then you may need a dependable battery-powered pressure washer cleaning device for your car. The popularity of battery-powered pressure washers is increasing every year. In fact, they are predicted to outsell corded electric pressure washers over the next 5 years.

The innovation of rechargeable battery technology in pressure washers is really what makes them popular because it is getting better all the time. However, you must remember that batteries cannot provide the same level of power that a gasoline engine can do. Maybe someday there will be a battery-powered pressure washer that lasts for up to 3 hours at the same speed and intensity as a gas-powered pressure washer. Until then, you can still enjoy cordless convenience of the current battery-powered pressure washers.

Below are the 5 best battery powered pressure washers for cleaning your car.

1) WORX WG625.4 Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

The WORX WG625.4 is a 20-volt portable power cleaner for cars, ATVs, RTVs, and any other vehicles that you want to clean. It comes with both the charger and battery, so you aren’t forced to purchase them separately. You’ll have 320 PSI of water pressure at a rate of 0.53 gallons per minute. This is 5 times more pressure than what your garden hose will give you. The nozzle has 5 settings, including one for watering plants.

2) Pure Clean Spray Pressure Washer Cleaner System

The Pure Clean Spray Pressure Washer comes with a car plug so that you can recharge the batteries with your car battery. Just connect the car plug to the cigarette lighter port in your vehicle. The total water capacity of the water tank is 4.5 gallons. The nozzle spray gun is activated by simply pulling the trigger. Once you use up all the water, it is easy to refill the tank again with new water.  Take this pressure washer anywhere and clean your car whenever necessary.

3) Sun Joe WA24C

The Sun Joe WA24C comes with a 24-Volt lithium-ion battery which has a maximum runtime of approximately 31 minutes. The water pressure output is about 116 PSI, while the length of the hose is 19.7 feet. This is long enough to comfortably walk around your car and spray the grime and dirt from all locations of the exterior. The charger works quickly, so you won’t need to wait long to recharge the battery after you’ve exhausted all the power from it.

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4) mrliance MR-XK005233

The mrliance MR-XK005233 is one of the most powerful battery-powered pressure washers you’ll ever find. This handheld cleaner gives you a maximum of 960 PSI of water pressure output. You can clean your car or garden furniture with this device and achieve amazing results. You won’t need to wait long at all for the grime and dirt to just get blasted away from the water pressure. The product includes two 40-volt lithium batteries, 1 inlet pipe, and 1 soap container.

5) Sun Joe SPX6000C-XR iON Cordless

The Sun Joe SPX6000C-XR gives 1,160 PSI for its water pressure output. This might not seem like a lot, but it’ll do its job wonderfully. The 40V rechargeable battery has 5 amps and is the perfect solution for when you don’t want to use the cord version. However, you’re required to purchase your own charger because it doesn’t come included with the battery and device. The nozzle has 4 tips for fast connections as well as a soap sprayer for a better cleaning effect. Overall, it can handle terrains around the home, but it can’t handle dry land or construction site terrain.

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