5 Symptoms of Transmission Fluid Leak and Repair Cost

The transmission needs to stay lubricated always. The axles of our vehicle depend on the transmission because it transmits power from the engine to them. The more demands placed on the transmission, the more important it is to have the proper amount of transmission fluid in it. This needs to be high quality transmission fluid which is made for your particular type of transmission, such as an automatic or manual. If you can achieve this, then your engine will continue to run smoothly for a long time.

Unfortunately, there are situations that arise where the transmission fluid will leak from the transmission. This can cause devastating problems for both your transmission and engine. As a result, your ability to drive properly will be compromised in the process. Transmission fluid leaks can occur for any number of reasons, including damaged pan gasket, transmission lines, or seals. This damage can be the result of an accident or merely the wear and tear that occurs from old age. Whatever the reason for the leak, you need to recognize it when it is present.

5 Symptoms

The symptoms of a transmission fluid leak will quickly present themselves as you’re driving. It is better to do something about these symptoms as soon as possible or else they will get worse.

Below are the top 5 symptoms of a transmission fluid leak.

1) Oil Puddle – Obviously, if you have a transmission fluid leak then you will be able to see the oil puddle on the ground below. You will know it is transmission fluid because it will look red or green. Do not attempt to add more transmission fluid until the leak is repaired. Only a licensed mechanic should attempt to do this.

2) Bad Transmission Bands – When you have a low level of transmission fluid in the transmission, it will cause the transmission bands to wear out quickly and eventually break. This will lead to transmission slipping.

3) High RPM – Once your transmission bands go bad, your engine will work harder than normal just to maintain an average speed. You will see a high RPM level on your tachometer as you drive normally. This will eat away at your fuel economy too.

4) Difficulty Shifting – With low levels of transmission fluid, it will become more difficult to shift gears with the stick. Instead of being smooth and simple, shifting will be stiff and rough. This ultimately makes it a driving hazard.

5) Delayed Acceleration– When you step on the gas pedal, the vehicle will not accelerate right away, even though the RPM increases. If you’ve experienced all the other symptoms and then experience delayed acceleration, then it is likely because of a transmission fluid leak.

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The Repair Cost of a Transmission Fluid Leak

The average repair cost of a transmission fluid leak depends on which area of the vehicle is causing the leak. If you are not sure, then you will need to pay a mechanic to inspect the vehicle and find the cause of the fluid leak. This inspection should take them about 30 minutes, which means it will likely cost you between $40 and $60 and whatever the additional fees and taxes are.

Once the mechanic has discovered the cause of the transmission fluid leak, it will probably cost between $140 and $210 to repair it. Again, this is only a rough estimate because it depends on whether the gasket, lines or seals are causing the leak. If you add the cost of the repairs with the cost of the initial inspection, you are looking at a total cost of anywhere between $180 and $270 for the repair job.

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