Top 10 Best Weight Distribution Hitches for Travel Trailer With Sway Control

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When pulling a heavy travel trailer it is important to have as much control over it as possible. This means being able to minimize the movement as possible as not to impede the operation of the vehicle that is towing the trailer. When it comes to a vehicle-mounted trailer hitch it is important to choose one that has built-in sway control.

The sway control anti-sway features make pulling your travel trailer so much easier and less stressful. These hitches are designed to work with most vehicles and can be found in the right size to handle the weight of most non-fifth-wheel travel trailers. We came up with a list of ten of the most popular weight distribution style trailer hitches.

For this article, we search online and came up with the ten best trailer hitches with an anti-sway system. We included a brief review of each of the products. We hope that find this information helpful with your decision-making process.

Best Weight Distribution Hitches

1) EAZ LIFT 48058

The EAZ LIFT 48058 1,000 lbs Elite Kit | Includes Distribution, Sway Control, and Hitch Ball is a high-quality product from one of the oldest trailer hitch makers, Camco. It is made with only high-quality materials and following industry-leading manufacturing processes to deliver its industry-leading product. Features a unique anti-sway system that is far superior to other hitches on the market.

The uniquely designed anti-sway control system is designed especially not to affect the ground clearance unlike other types from other manufacturers. The unique heavy-duty, all-steel construction includes the steel chain and necessary U-bolts are pre-assembled on the hitch. The steel and chrome molybdenum springs go through a process that uses an oil bath to quench the heat and results in a tempered characteristic.

The model 48058 is one of several EAZ Lift hitches that are all designed to work in conjunction with the overall weight of the trailer. This specific model will easily handle a trailer with a gross trailer weight of up to 10,000 lbs. It also features a 1000 lb tongue weight capacity. The anti-sway control system can be disengaged quickly and easily once you get off the highway or where you no longer need the extra control. Husky 32218

The Husky 32218 Center Line TS with Spring Bars – 800 lb. to 1,200 lb. Tongue Weight Capacity (2-5/16″ Ball) Is a heavy-duty addon for those looking for extra help for towing a travel trailer. The Husky 32218 trailer hitch features high-strength sturdy construction with built-in anti-sway control when hauling a large travel trailer over long distances and not-so-quality road conditions.

It features all heavy-duty forged steel materials and construction that combines superior weight distribution and sway control. Everything is factory preset and torqued down to achieve maximum performance right out of the package. It features a 2-5/16’ ball and hitch that will fit with most standard vehicles. It is designed to be lighter weight, but still sturdy enough to deliver maximum performance for many years of use.

The overall strength and durability of the design can handle a tongue weight of between 800 lb to 1200 lb safely. It also can handle a maximum trailer weight of up to 12,000 lb without the risk of damage to the hitch or the trailer. The package includes everything and there is no need for any additional purchases and it installs fairly easily. Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch

The Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch, 90-00-1000, 10,000 Lbs Trailer Weight Rating is a high-quality all-steel device that is designed to boost your vehicle’s towing capacity. It adds anti-sway control and better weight distribution to improve your trailer towing experience. It is really easy to install onto your travel trailer and hook up the receiver on your towing vehicle.

This heavy-duty hitch is made with high-strength forged steel with a highly durable powder coat finish to keep it looking good and prevent rusting. The design features built-in sway control and it distributes the upfront tongue weight which helps to keep it rolling balanced and stable. It is designed to be used with a wide range of trailers including toy haulers, travel trailers, livestock haulers, just to name a few.

The design of the Equal-i-zer 4-point sway control allows it to handle a tongue weight up to 1000 lb and by equally distributing the weight it is able to deliver an extra smooth towing experience. The built-in anti-sway control combines with the weight distribution to provide everything you can ask for from a hit. By better controls the movement you will get improved steering characteristics and better braking while towing a large travel trailer or hauler.

4) CURT 17062 MV

The CURT 17062 MV Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control is a high-quality trailer accessory designed to improve your towing experience by reducing the stress caused by excessive side-to-side movement while pulling your trailer long distances. The built-in swat control system along with a weight distribution system allows your vehicle to handle heavier weights without stressing you out.

The Curt 17062 weight distribution hitch is made of high-strength forged steel materials and features a durable black powder coat finish. This will ensure many years of lasting good looks and reliable service. The chains and anti-sway bars attach securely to your trailer and helps to equally distribute the tongue weight across the axel. The system features internal lubrication to keep everything moving smoothly. It also features a  2” shank that is designed to fit all of the industry-standard hitch receivers installed on vehicles.

It is designed to handle trailers of all kinds including travel trailers, toy haulers, livestock haulers just to name a few. The 17062 model is designed to work with trailers with a tongue weight of up to 1000 lb and with an overall weight of 10,000 lb. Fastway e2 2-Point Sway Control Round Bar Hitch

The Fastway E 2-Point Sway Control Round Bar Hitch has several features that make a really quality mid-level trailer hitch. It has built-in anti-sway controls and weight distribution controls that make handling and maneuvering a trailer a lot easier. It bolts directly to the trailer tongue and spreads the weight evenly across the axels of your vehicle and the trailer. This helps to improve the overall handling.

It is constructed of high-strength forged steel and has an ultra-durable powder coat finish for anti-corrosion and good looks. It features round bars that create a bridge between the trailer and the ball attached to the shank. The 2” steel shank is designed to fit snugly into any industry-standard trailer hitch receiver installed on your vehicle.

The sturdy construction and anti-sway controls built-in helps to relieve any extra stress caused by pulling a trailer over long distances. The design also makes controlling the trailer better in turns and backing maneuvers. It is designed to handle trailers that feature a tongue weight of up to 600 lb and with an overall weight of up to 6000 lb. Unlike some other trailer hitches that have chains, the anti-sway bars bolt directly to the trailer without any chains hanging down. EAZ LIFT 48052

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The EAZ LIFT 800 lbs Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch is made specifically to be used by people who need to safely pull a trailer. The ability larger travel trailers, toy haulers, and other types of trailers without the stress excessive movement. EAZ Lift by Camco is one of the most well-known brands of weight distribution and sway control hitches. Camco perfected the process of using high-strength materials to produce this high-quality product.

The Camco EAZ LIFT Model 48052 is made using high-strength forged and rolled steel. All parts of this hitch are designed to deliver maximum performance. It features elite bent bars that are designed to help distribute the tongue weight equally between the trailer and vehicle axels. They also deliver maximum anti-sway protection which makes it a much smoother ride. Everything is preattached in the factory and the bars are easily clamped to each side of the trailer tongue.

The system includes everything needed without having to add anything else. The hitch is covered completely in an ultra-durable black powder coating for corrosion prevention and to keep it looking good for years to come. The EAZ LIFT by Camco comes in several models that feature a wide range of weight capacity. The model 48052 will handle trailers with a tongue weight of up to 800 lb and an overall weight capacity of 10,000 lb. Andersen Hitches

The Andersen Hitches No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch is a unique, high-quality anti-sway and weight distribution trailer hitch. It is made with all high-strength materials and designed to make towing a trailer much less stressful. It also comes with everything that is needed and does not require any additional purchases and installs in just minutes. It comes with a standard 2-5/16” ball that fits most standard trailers.

At first glance, you will definitely notice that the Andersen no sway hitch is dramatically different from most of the anti-sway and weight distribution type hitches. There are no bars, just two chains that attach to the frame clamps. The drop and rise are adjustable and the 2” shank is designed to slide into all standard trailer hitch receivers mounted on your vehicle. It features a black powder coat finish on the mounting hardware and shank for lasting durability and will keep it free of corrosion.

Using the 2-5/16” ball that comes with it this hitch is designed to handle trailers with a tongue weighing up to 1400 lb and a gross trailer weight of up to 14,000 lb. Along with reducing and or eliminating the concern of swaying, it will not impede your ability to turn your trailer with relative ease.8) Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO

The Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch is designed to be used by a wide range of people needing to haul things. The SWAYPRO anti-sway and weight distribution hitch can be extremely useful when it comes to hauling the family travel trailer or toy hauler for a vacation. There is a Blue OX SWAYPRO trailer hitch designed especially for your vehicle and trailer. The BXW1000 is designed to pull a trailer with a tongue weight of up to 1000 lb.

The Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO is all steel hitch with built-in sway control and weight distribution technologies. Each is designed to improve your overall trailer pulling experience and reduce the stress involved with pulling a travel trailer or tot hauler. The bars are made of spring for a softer, smoother ride and are attached to the frame clamps with a small length of steel chain.

It features a 2-5/16” ball to attach the trailer to the hitch and a sturdy steel shank is a standard two inches which means it will easily fit most tow hitch receivers on the market. It is designed to handle a gross trailer weight of up to 10,000 lb. It has an extra durable powder coat finish which will prevent corrosion and look great. also:

9) Camco Eaz-Lift Trekker 1,200 Weight Distribution Hitch with Progressive Sway Control

The Camco Eaz-Lift Trekker 1,200 Weight Distribution Hitch is the top-of-the-line trailer hitch from the company that has been making these anti-sway and weight distribution trailer hitches for more than 5 decades. The heavier the trailer more stress you put on the vehicle that is doing the towing. So the more stable you make the ride, the better it will be and that is where is a type of trailer hitch shines. It distributes the weight of the trailer tongue so that is spread evenly across the vehicle’s axles so it does try to lift the vehicle up.

EAZ-Lift Trekker is made from high-strength forged steel which is superheated and then quenched in oil to make it extra hardened. The all-steel frame clamps are attached directly to sway bars. The 2-5/16” ball sits on top of the 2” steel shank that fits snugly inside all industry-standard trailer hitch receivers on most vehicles fitted for towing. All of the hitch surfaces are coated with ultra-durable black powder coats for lasting corrosion protection and to keep it looking good.

The Camco Eaz-lift Trekker 1200 Weight Distribution Hitch is designed to be used with any type of trailer with a tongue weight of up to 1200 lb. It is also designed to be used with a trailer that has a gross vehicle weight of up to 14,000 lb.10) Reese Pro 49903 Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit with Sway Control

Reese is one of the most well-known names in the towing industry and the brand identity is one of strength and durability. They manufacture all things towing and this includes the Pro 49903 Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit. It is made from all high-quality materials and features an extremely durable finish.

The Reese Pro 49903 Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit with Sway Control is made with all forged steel pieces that include round steel anti-sway bars that clamp directly to the frame of the tongue of the trailer on each side. The 2-5/16” ball mounted on the drop shank portion of the hitch helps to distribute the weight evenly across the axles to prevent the front wheels of the pulling vehicle from wanting to lift off the ground.

The whole hitch is covered with an anti-corrosion black powder coating for a long-lasting durable shine. The anti-sway and weight distribution system are designed to handle heavy-duty hauling of travel trailers, toy haulers, and other types of trailers with tongue weights up to 1000 lb and overall gross weights of 10,000 lb.

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