Top 5 Best Epicenter for Your Car Audio

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People love to listen to music in their cars. You must have a high-quality sound control system if you want the music to sound smooth and crisp. A lousy sound control system would destroy the harmonics of the music and songs. Most people purchase sound control systems for their living rooms, but they forget their car audio system needs improvement too.

An epicenter for your car audio is the solution to the problem. It is a parametric bass equalizer system that works to improve the sound quality of your music as it plays in the car. The epicenter does this by taking the bass notes of the music and recreating them digitally. That way, the bass sound becomes lower but more vibrant.

The epicenter is technically a patented sound system. AudioControl is the brand that holds the patent to it. However, different brands have invented their own version of the single-band parametric equalizer. You will learn about some of these brands as you continue reading this article.

Epicenter technology is suitable for all kinds of music styles and genres. People who like to listen to hip-hop, rock n’ roll, and blues music in their car should get the epicenter technology installed. It’ll make the experience of listening to music much more pleasant and exciting.

Our Top Picks

There are lots of epicenter products to choose from in the marketplace. Below are the top 5 best epicenters for your car audio needs.

1) AudioControl The EPICENTER Black Bass Restoration Processor

AudioControl holds the patent for the epicenter technology. So, if you want a digital bass processing brand that was there from the beginning, then you will want to investigate this particular AudioControl epicenter unit. It is described as a black bass restoration processor because the exterior is the color black.

Some of its most notable features include a frequency response of between 10Hz and 100kHz, a 150mA/1A fuse rating recommendation, 10K Ohms to 150 Ohms of Input / Output Impedance, and a maximum input of 15 VRMS. The dimensions of the device are 8 inches of width, 5.5 inches of depth, and 1.2 inches of height.

2) Soundstream Bx10x Bass Reconstruction Processor -Black

The Soundstream Bx10x is a digital bass reconstruction processor. This epicenter includes 13.5 volts of output, parametric bass control, 60 decibels of balanced input noise rejection, PFM subsonic filter, a dash mount remote control, 0.003% of THD, and a PWM high headroom power supply.

It is priced anywhere from $100 to $110 on most popular online retail stores. But if you go to an auction website like eBay, you can find it for between $50 to $100 new. It even comes with a remote-control device for the unit as well. The dimensions are 4.375 inches of width, 1.125 inches of depth, and 7.0 inches of length.

The exterior appears black with a silver spider in the middle. It is easy to recognize when you see it. Make sure you look for the “Bx10x” model number on the front. There are other versions of epicenters that have a similar appearance, but you can tell them apart by the model numbers printed on the front of them.

3) Hifonics BXIPRO1.0 Digital Bass Enhancement Processor with Dash Mount

The Hifonics BXIPRO10 Digital Bass Enhancement Processor comes with a dash mount, so you can conveniently install the epicenter in your vehicle without any hassle. Its main features include a maximum input level of 15V RMS, the maximum output level is 12.2V, 10Hz to 35,000 Hz of frequency response, and a PWM high headroom power supply.

The most notable feature of Hifonics BXIPRO1.0 is that it recreates the bass signal accurately by sending low-frequency data back toward the path of the signal. You will be thrilled with the results of the epicenter. If you go on Amazon, you can find it for sale at $47.19 with free shipping. Its total star rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars, so it looks like an excellent investment to make.

4) SoundXtreme Digital Bass Machine Processor ST-AP6

The SoundXtreme Digital Bass Machine Processor ST-AP6 is more of a budget-friendly epicenter that is priced at only $32.99 with free shipping on Amazon. Even though it is less expensive than the other epicenters on the list, it comes with a lot of amazing features. These features include a dash mount remote control, bass equalization circuit, a bass level filter, PFM subsonic filter & control, bass output control, parametric bass controls, an output level of 13.5 volts, balanced input noise rejection at 60 decibels, and a frequency response of between 10Hz and 100Khz.

5) Planet Audio PA300 Digital Bass Processor with Remote Subwoofer Control

The Planet Audio PA300 Digital Bass Processor features input and output capabilities for subwoofer units. Not only does this epicenter generate bass digitally, but it also comes with remote subwoofer control as well. Other notable features include 15 volts of maximum input voltage, 10 volts of maximum output voltage, 27 hertz to 63 hertz of low pass filter, and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The price of Planet Audio PA300 is $59.99 plus free shipping. You might find some price differences on other websites, but the general cost is around this much. The exterior of the device looks fantastic. Its perimeter is black, and the middle contains a silver planet-shaped logo. You will recognize the device as a Planet Audio epicenter device as soon as you see it.

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As you can see, there are a lot of great epicenter products on the list. The best choice for you might not be the best choice for someone else. You need to consider the features of the epicenters and their price tags. There are some epicenters priced at less than $50, and others priced at over $100.

No matter which one you choose, the bass of your car audio will improve significantly. That is all that counts, right?

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