7 Tips to Improve Mileage on Hybrid Cars

Hybrid car owners are always looking for ways to improve their gas mileage. Just the fact that they purchased a hybrid car means they’re getting better mileage. Conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines depend on gasoline regularly for all driving speeds. However, hybrid cars only need gasoline when driving on faster moving roads. The rest of the time, the electric motor and car battery produce power for the slower moving roads. This saves them a lot of money on gas and gives them much better mileage.

Top 7 Tips

So, are there ways to make the mileage even better on hybrid cars? Yes, there are several ways you can do this. They are actually driving tips which promote fuel efficiency and a better gas economy. Then you can save the most money possible on gas while driving a hybrid.

Below are the top 7 tips to improve mileage on hybrid cars.

1) Use Cruise Control

If you commonly drive on the interstate or any higher speed road, then take advantage of the cruise control feature in your vehicle if there is one. Cruise control keeps your vehicle moving at a consistent speed, which takes the pressure off the engine. Basically, your engine won’t need to consume as much fuel because the acceleration demands are not changing constantly.

2) No Hard Braking

Try to go easy on the brake pedal. In other words, do not slam on the brakes with your foot unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent an accident. Hard braking is bad for hybrid cars because it drains the power from the battery rather quickly. Also, hybrid cars have a regenerative braking system for giving power back to the battery, but this can only happen when there is less pressure on the brake pedal. Therefore, avoid hard braking if you can.

3) Drive on Slower Roads

If you don’t need to drive on faster roads, then consider sticking to the slower speed roads instead. Since hybrid cars use an electric motor and battery to generate power for slower speed driving, you won’t need to consume any gasoline during this time. Then you can really boost your mileage because you won’t be consuming hardly any gasoline at all.

4) No Hard Accelerating

Hard acceleration is never a good thing for someone who wants to improve the mileage of their hybrid vehicle. The more foot pressure you apply to the gas pedal of your vehicle, the more fuel that is consumed. Get in the habit of gradually accelerating and then maintaining a certain speed. Even if you don’t use cruise control, try to keep your gas pedal in the same position without changing it erratically. This will go a long way in improving your mileage.

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5) Regular Maintenance

Do not forget about the maintenance of your hybrid vehicle. You still need to take care of your tires and oil changes, just like in a regular vehicle. Make sure the treads of your tires are in good shape and that you get oil changes at the times when you’re supposed to. If you fail to do these things, your engine won’t run as smoothly. This will cause it to burn more fuel to compensate.

6) Reduce the Load

As with a conventional car, hybrid cars get stressed out when they haul too much weight. You need to reduce the load of your vehicle to save on gas mileage. The more stress your engine incurs, the more fuel it will consume because it must generate extra power to move all that weight.

7) ECO Mode

Some hybrid vehicles have a special “ECO Mode” which reduces the sensitivity of the gas pedal. If you’re driving on a road which won’t require you to accelerate quickly, then use ECO mode. Your engine won’t consume as much fuel if you use this mode.

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