Signs You Need a New Alternator

While an alternator has a decent lifespan, you can’t deny its age. It gets to a point when you need to replace it to keep your car functioning. Find a reputable dealer who can sell you one made just for your vehicle. Here are some signs you need a new alternator.

Hard to Start

You should pick a new high-output alternator brand when your first machine makes it hard for your car to start. When you keep trying to crank the engine and notice that it doesn’t want to start, it’s a big sign that you need to check your car.

Also, you may drive a manual and notice that it stalls out more than average. It could be a faulty alternator issue. Consider your options for getting a new one to help you keep your car in reliable condition for the long run.

Dimmed Lights

When you start up your car and see that the dash lights, headlights, and other things don’t work up to speed, you need to look at your alternator. It might be that the alternator gets overloaded with things it can’t handle. Sometimes you can press the accelerator to check for any blinking or other signs of fault.

The lights are just part of the issue. The radio sounding muffled also means that the alternator won’t have enough juice to power things up. Speak to an expert about the condition of your vehicle because the dimmed volume and light mean you have a failing alternator.

If you see a dashboard indicator that lights up “ALT”, you need to go to an auto shop immediately because that says trouble. Remember, a car has electrical sensors that can diagnose things way before the human eye can see or hear anything.

Hearing Strange Noises

It’s imperative to get a replacement alternator because you may have a stock alternator that grinds. It could be a broken or dirty bearing that affects how your car moves. The whining noise might stem from the voltage regulator telling your alternator to overcharge.

Sometimes your car battery doesn’t send enough electricity to the alternator. Of course, strange noises might be other car issues. Check for any weird noises no matter where it happens in your vehicle.

Look at your car’s condition and see an expert who can help you replace your alternator to get the most out of your vehicle.

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