Revolutionize Your Game With Lamborghini Gallardo Lease Specials

The latest Lamborghini Gallardo was released back in 2014, but its price in 2020 still runs from $140,000 to $246,000 for second-hand cars. If you want to fulfill your dream of driving a sexy ‘baby’ Lamborghini, Lamborghini Gallardo lease specials can give you the pleasure of getting behind the wheel of a high-end car for a fraction of the cost.

How Leasing Can Up Your Game

If someone tells you that they’ve never dreamt of driving a luxury car, they’re lying. Before the 1960s, the dream of driving an exotic car was reserved for the affluent population. The good news is that there are dealerships that offer Lamborghini Gallardo lease specials so that all drivers can experience such luxury.

Types of Lamborghini Gallardo Lease Specials

Luxury brands such as Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, and Ferrari tend to steer clear of car incentives, but they still offer lease specials in subtle ways. Below, we’ve compiled the most common Lamborghini Gallardo lease specials:

Cashback Rebate

A cashback rebate is the most common type of lease special. Most cashback incentives range from $500 to $5,000 and are applied as a discount instead of an actual check or bills of cash. Most dealerships offer cashback incentives for unpopular car models or ones that aren’t selling as great.

Subsidized Interest Rate

One of the Lamborghini Gallardo lease specials is the subsidized interest rate. This is when a manufacturer offers lower interest rates for drivers who partner with their preferred financing arm. For instance, Lamborghini offers an in-house lending arm called Lamborghini Financial Services. It’s important to note that this type of incentive is usually given only to drivers with exceptional credit scores of 740 and higher.

Subsidized Residual Value

The residual value is what the leasing company expects the vehicle to be worth when the lease expires. The higher the residual value, the lower your monthly payments will be. Under this incentive, the lessor subsidizes the residual value so that you can simply walk away at the end of your lease with zero financial obligations.

Before You Drive Off

Leasing can be an excellent option for those who want to drive luxury cars without the commitment of ownership. Before you sign your auto lease, you should check with local dealers to see all of the available incentives. Not all deals and specials are advertised on billboards, but manufacturers and dealers usually post them on their websites.

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