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5 Symptoms of a Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor in Your Car

The internal combustion engine relies on the perfect combined balance of air and fuel before ignition takes place. The engine control unit is the central computer which regulates virtually all the systems, components, and sensors of a vehicle. The amount of air which flows into the fuel injection system is detected by the mass air

Camshaft Position Sensor Function, Bad Symptoms and Replacement Cost

In this article i will share complete information about camshaft position sensor, so you will know the basic function, working principle, the bad symptoms and also replacement cost of this sensor. Basic Function and Working Principle The camshaft is an important device for the internal combustion engine of any vehicle. It controls the intake valves

7 Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Position Sensor in Your Car

The fuel management system of modern vehicles contains numerous sensors and electronic components. One of these sensors is called the throttle position sensor. This sensor is responsible for managing the flow of fuel and air into the engine. Without this sensor, there would be an incorrect amount of fuel and air in the engine. This

Map Sensor Function, Bad Symptoms and Replacement Cost

Automobiles with internal combustion engines have something called an intake manifold. The function of an intake manifold is to manage the flow of air and fuel into the cylinders of the engine. This is an important job because the proper amount of air and fuel needs to enter each cylinder. That way, a successful combustion