Month: February 2019

5 Causes of Car Automatic Transmission Fluid Leaks

The automatic transmission is a revolutionary invention of the auto industry. It makes driving so much easier than using a manual transmission. However, there are a lot of vital components inside an automatic transmission. These are moving components which tend to rub against each other and produce heat. This is like how the engine has

5 Symptoms of a Bad Car Transmission Control Module

If you’ve never driven a manual transmission vehicle before, then you’re probably used to the convenience of an automatic transmission. Automatics are great because you don’t need to switch gears as you’re driving. There is something called a transmission control module which automatically changes gears based on the conditions of your driving. Every time you

10 Signs Your Car Needs Tune-up and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is always recommended for a vehicle. It can help a car owner avoid being surprised by mechanical problems which cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars to repair. It will also prevent you from breaking down on the road and having to wait for a tow truck to come to rescue

7 Causes of Car Body Vibration: at Idling, Accelerating and Run

Have you ever been driving along in your vehicle and noticed your car vibrating profusely? Sometimes the vibrations can come from your engine but other times, the vibrations will feel like they’re coming from the entire body of the vehicle. You may notice the vibrations more when idling, accelerating, and/or while the vehicle is merely