Month: January 2019

Catalytic Converter: Function, Bad Symptoms, and Replacement Cost

The internal combustion engine produces a lot of toxic pollutants and emissions after the air and fuel mixture is ignited. Fortunately, these emissions are controlled by a special device in the exhaust system called a catalytic converter. This device is able to convert the hazardous emission gases from the engine into less-toxic gases. That way,

Brake Master Cylinder Function, Bad Symptoms and Replacement Cost

There are several vital components in the braking system of a vehicle. One particular component that is crucial is the brake master cylinder. You will find a brake master cylinder in both types of braking systems, which are the disc braking system and the drum braking system. A vehicle will have one or the other,

Brake Pads vs Brake Shoes: Working Principle and Pros Cons

There are two types of braking systems available for automobiles. One system uses brake pads and brake discs while the other system uses brake shoes and brake drums. The components of each system are really the equivalent of each other. Brake pads create friction against the brake discs and brake shoes create friction against the

5 Symptoms of Bad Brake Pads and Discs and Replacement Cost

We all tend to take the brakes of our vehicles for granted, but they are the reason why we can slow down whenever we step on the brake pedal. If we didn’t have functional brakes, then we would end up crashing into everything on the road. Modern braking systems depend on brake pads and brake

Idle Speed Control Valve: Function, Bad Symptoms and Replacement Cost

The internal combustion engine has several moving and rotating components inside of it. The crankshaft is the device which allows the piston heads and rods to be linked together. Whenever you look at the tachometer on the dashboard of your vehicle, it will tell you the number of revolutions per minute in which the crankshaft

Oil Control Valve: Basic Function, Bad Symptoms and Replacement Cost

In this post, i will explain about one part in the engine vvti systems, the part is oil control valve. After read full article below, you will understand how oil control valve works, the basic function, failure symptoms and replacement cost. Basic Function and Working Principle The oil control valve basically does what the name